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Why The Offseason Can Be a Great Time to Place Bets on the NFL

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Why The Offseason Can Be a Great Time to Place Bets on the NFL

For many gamblers, the NFL offseason is one of the most dreaded periods of the year since the period is synonymous with taking a break from sports betting.

However, while casual bettors scramble for sports betting alternatives, true NFL aficionados recognize the offseason as their playbook pre-game. They know this downtime is not a curse but a golden opportunity to prepare for the next season and snatch some great-value betting picks before the September kickoff.

Even when the NFL hits the pause button, there’s no need to bench your love for the game. To show you why, we will give you some stellar ways to keep yourself engaged during the offseason and level up your bankroll while you’re at it.

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Search for Great Value Futures

If you consider yourself a Mystic Mac who can already predict next year’s Super Bowl winner, this might be the best time to place your bet and put your money where your mouth is.

The summer camp and the start of the season can bring many unforeseen injuries and surprising outcomes that will send the odds spinning. Sometimes spinning in your favor, other times the other way around. However, by investing time in hunting for the best Futures now, there is a significant possibility that you might get better value for your money.

All major online sportsbooks have already made their NFL betting catalogs locked and loaded with Futures that will light a fire in your Doritos-loving belly.

From Super Bowl winners to win totals to division winners and playoff contenders, a quick spin around the NFL betting block will show you that there are already hundreds of markets you can choose from. Devote some time to analyze them, and you might earn yourself an ace for your NFL pocket.

Choose Your Quarterback Now

Not every team boasts a Patrick Mahomes-level luxury on their roster. While many franchises have their quarterback position secured, a handful may still be undecided on their starter just moments before the start of the season.

While this might stir stress and uncertainty among fans, it presents an intriguing betting prospect for us, the devoted NFL betting enthusiasts hunting for the juiciest NFL betting prime rib. So, stop wasting time and dive right into those Starting QB markets at your favorite sportsbook.

While NFL training camps launching at the end of July will answer some of the questions around starting QBS, securing an early bet on Daniel Jones to start the season at -240 could be a steal.

Embrace the 2025 NFL Mock Draft

Yes, I get it. The 2024 draft wrapped up less than two weeks ago. However, as we all know, the early bird catches the worm, so do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and start examining some of the 2025 NFL mock drafts.

Many top online sportsbooks already released odds for markets regarding the number one overall pick for the 2025 NFL Draft. Although we are months away from week one of college football, studying mock drafts and placing your bets earlier can make your betting life at least a little bit easier.

Here are the top 10 prospects for the 2025 NFL draft:

  1. Carson Beck
  2. Shedeur Sanders
  3. James Pearce Jr.
  4. Abdul Carter
  5. Will Johnson Jr.
  6. Deone Walker
  7. Will Campbell
  8. Travis Hunter Jr
  9. Mykel Williams
  10. Luther Burden III 


Although nothing can match the thrill of live NFL action, the draft season and the NFL offseason altogether present their own exciting options for sports betting enthusiasts.

From having an opportunity to find markets with great value to embracing the excitement of mock drafts and getting a good seat on the NFL draft hype train, the offseason offers plenty of options to keep you engaged until the eagerly awaited first week of September.


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