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The Cracks in Jayden Daniels Game | Should NFL teams have a lower grade on him?

Is LSU QB Jayden Daniels a By-Product of some really good playmakers?
The Cracks in Jayden Daniels Game | Should NFL teams have a low grade on him?

My evaluation of Jayden Daniels is not necessarily a matter of having a “low grade” on him, but rather a tempered assessment based on certain aspects of his game. While some scouts may view him more favorably, I have reservations about his passing ability and believe there are areas he needs to improve upon to reach his full potential at the next level.

One of my concerns regarding Daniels is his overall passing game. While he undoubtedly possesses athleticism and the ability to make plays with his legs, I believe he needs to refine his skills as a pure passer to maximize his effectiveness in the NFL. Relying too heavily on his running ability may limit his long-term success, particularly against more seasoned and disciplined defenses.

Additionally, Daniels’ physical stature raises some concerns for me. Unlike some other dual-threat quarterbacks, he lacks the build and physicality to absorb hits and consistently excel as a rusher. While he may not need to emulate the style of a quarterback like Lamar Jackson, he will still need to demonstrate durability and adaptability to thrive in the NFL.

Overall, I believe that Jayden Daniels has the potential to succeed at the next level, but there are areas of his game that require refinement and improvement. If he can address these areas and develop into a more well-rounded quarterback, he has the opportunity to carve out a successful career in the NFL. However, failure to do so could hinder his ability to reach his full potential and impact his long-term success in the league.


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