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2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Edge Rushers

2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Edge Rushers
2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Edge Rushers
  1. Dallas Turner, ALA

Turner’s biggest strength is his versatility in his position, as he can align in multiple positions within the same drive. He has a quick step and the ability to bend around the edge with his flexibility. In the open field, he has high fluidity and great athleticism. Turner is mostly a prolific speed rusher, as his main point of attack is around the arc to the quarterback. His elite change of direction and speed helped him to be able to run with skilled players in the open field. His weaknesses come with his strengths, however, as his versatility also comes with inconsistency on the edge. He mostly requires improvement in keeping his legs driven through his tackles and locating direct routes to the ball.

  1. Chop Robinson, PSU

Robinson displays some of the most athletic characteristics of anyone in this draft class. He utilizes his arm movement and uses techniques such as arm swipes to elevate him past opponents. He is able to use his strength to extend his arms and pull and throw opposing linemen on a consistent basis. His main means of attack is to swipe and bend, as opposed to relying on his strength to drive through opponents. He uses his leverage well and utilizes his legs through contact. He very often will use fakes and juke moves on opponents to gain space to work around. He applies bend and flexibility to his wraps around the edge. He sometimes will lead with his head and arms extended, and looks frozen at times when locked into his chest with an opponent. His overall footwork and strength could be an area in need of improvement. He excels in using his shoulder dips when working around the edge. He has seemingly perfected the change of angle when rushing off the edge and maintaining speed. 

  1. Jared Verse, FSU

Jared Verse has the most explosive quick step of any edge rusher in the draft. He also possesses the ability to bend on the edge, making him a constant threat. His natural athleticism and strength are two of his biggest assets in his possession. He’s able to bend underneath top offensive linemen and tighten his angle on the quarterback. His high motor and explosiveness put him at the top of the charts for not only edge rushers but defenders in this class. He has high instincts, and his long arms help him get around the edge even more. His weaknesses come mostly in the run game, where he often takes himself out of the play by letting off and backing up. He’s also undersized in weight compared to others at his position.

  1. Laiatu Latu, UCLA

Latu has an explosive first step, mixed with a resilient fight to reach the quarterback. He applies pressure and hurries the quarterback on a consistent basis, and it leads to poor throws. He is reliant on his ability to rush the passer and could sharpen up his run defense overall. He loses balance sometimes, especially when doubled, and needs to be more fluid and flexible when rushing the edge. His angles are sometimes poor, and he lacks the overall bend and flexibility in his edge rush. He will drop back into coverage as well and will chase ball carriers in open space. He did however drop back into empty offensive territory multiple times to contain dual-threat quarterbacks. 

  1. Darius Robinson, MIZZ

Robinson, a uniquely sized prospect, boasts exceptional quickness, flexibility, and explosive power. His versatility allows him to play various positions. With violent hands and long arms, he excels in bullrushing. He is adaptable to different positions, and Robinson is a promising prospect for both pass-rushing and run-stopping roles. However, he faces challenges against quick opponents and strong hands, often susceptible to cut blocks. While powerful and quick initially, his spin move is slow. Robinson struggles to consistently shed blocks, affecting plays in the hole. Despite occasional loss of control, he remains involved. Refinement could enhance his effectiveness at the next level.


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