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2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Runningbacks

2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Runningbacks
2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Runningbacks
  1. Trey Benson, FSU

Trey Benson displays the best contact balance in a running back by far in the class. His ability to stay on his feet after taking contact off the line is by far his best trait. Aside from that, he boasts an excellent size-to-speed ratio, checking the boxes in both departments. He has good vision and proper ball skills, always looking to move upfield in and out of his cuts. Can thrive in a variety of ways that you use him, including the screen game, where he is excellent in open space. He gets antsy at times and needs to work on his overall patience. He will try and shoot unopened gaps instead of waiting for blocks to develop. He has great explosiveness off the line and can absorb initial contact from heavy hitters.

  1. Jaylen Wright, TENN

Wright embodies a unique blend of aggression and finesse in his running style, with the balance to absorb contact and consistently fall forward. Despite his slight build, he surprises with lateral agility and stop-start ability, making defenders miss in tight spaces. His athleticism is undeniable, showcasing exceptional speed and explosive jumping ability. In the passing game, he’s a versatile threat, exploiting mismatches as a receiver and excelling in screenplays. While his lean frame and lack of power limit him between the tackles, his elusiveness and open-field prowess make him a dangerous playmaker in space, ideally suited for schemes that accentuate his agility and burst.

  1. Jonathon Brooks, TEX

Brooks emerges as a promising receiver with a commendable set of skills, characterized by reliable hands and an adept ability to navigate the screen game. His flexibility in the ankles allows for effective corner-turning, making him a threat in perimeter plays. Displaying the agility and vision reminiscent of a return specialist, Brooks excels when operating in open space, utilizing stop-start moves to create initial separation. Although possessing quick feet and solid straight-line speed, he falls short of elite burst, limiting his constant big-play potential. Furthermore, there’s room for improvement in decisiveness at the line of scrimmage, and while fast, he may not overpower defensive backs with elite speed and athleticism. Transitioning from a wide-open spread offense with a limited route tree, Brooks faces the challenge of adapting to the complexities of NFL passing schemes. Despite these areas for growth, his fluid athleticism and proficiency in space make him a valuable asset with the potential for development at the professional level.

  1. Ray Davis, KEN

Davis excels at finishing runs aggressively, consistently falling forward with a low pad level and elusive wiggle to avoid big hits. Valuable in blocking on the outside, he contributes effectively to the running game. His strong passing game skills make him a natural hands catcher with quick turns in the screen game, showcasing expertise in setting up wheel routes. Davis, adept in the slot, displays good hands for pulling in swing passes and advancing upfield. While possessing quick feet and straight-line speed, Davis lacks elite burst for constant big-play threats. Improving patience in running, he follows pulling guards and demonstrates sound decision-making on cuts. A natural playmaker, especially in the screen game, Davis’ hands are his strength, although he may not create elite separation due to less-than-ideal size and playing speed.

  1. Marshawn Lloyd, USC

Lloyd excels in blitz pickup, displaying anchor ability. With a powerful, compact build and low center of gravity, he navigates traffic effectively. A coordinated athlete with quick feet, he lacks elite burst but compensates with sharp cuts and lateral quickness. Effective as a runner inside and outside, he shows good vision and patience. Capable as a receiver, he can be indecisive at the line. In pass protection, Lloyd tends to cut block, lacking run-blocking ability and violent run-after-catch skills. 


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