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Drake Maye: Does The Good Outweigh The Bad for the UNC gun slinger?

Drake Maye has the best odds to win the Heisman Trophy over Caleb Williams
Drake Maye: Does The Good Outweigh The Bad for the UNC gunslinger?

The Good

North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye is a prospect who is insanely easy to love. His relentless playmaking and arm talent are always going to be a bright green flag, as well as his ability to play creatively. 

His arm talent is top of the class, as he can make nearly every throw on the field, from every angle, whether he’s on platform or not. His arm strength headlines his top qualities, as he can deliver accurate balls deep down the field. While his best game may come from inside the pocket, his ability to make something happen once the play gets broken down is something many people overlook. Maye has an exceptional ability to play creatively, whether flipping a touchdown pass last second with his left hand or taking off and diving for the endzone. 

Not to mention, he’s also a threat on the ground. While tucking it and running for a first is never his first option, he can use his legs effectively and very efficiently. So much so that Maye can be seriously considered as a legit dual-threat quarterback, adding another tool to his arsenal.

The Bad

Unfortunately, while Maye possesses many positive things in his game, it isn’t flawless. Maye often locks on to his primary read for far too long and has trouble progressing through his reads. As I previously mentioned, as Maye does have a creative side to his game, it comes with a downside. Drake often seems erratic and unpredictable, especially when trying to make a play that isn’t there. 

Drake Maye remains one of my favorite prospects and a future franchise quarterback in my eyes. Although his game remains full of aspects that need cleaning up. That said, his positives still outweigh the negatives by a large margin.


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