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What are the top positional groups of the 2024 NFL Draft Class?

What are the top positional groups of the 2024 NFL Draft?

From top to bottom, the current crop of prospects stands out as one of the strongest in recent memory, boasting remarkable depth across multiple positional groups. Notably, the tackle and wide receiver positions emerge as particularly robust, potentially rivaling the best classes in their respective histories.

In assessing the class of tackles, the sheer number of potential first-round talents is staggering, with nearly ten individuals vying for that coveted designation. Names like Alt, Fuaga, Fashanu, and Latham represent just a fraction of the talent pool, underscoring the depth and quality present. Importantly, this depth extends beyond the early rounds, with promising prospects like Suamataia, Paul, Fisher, and Jones offering value in later selections. Even in the late rounds, hidden gems such as Glaze and Amegadjie provide intriguing options for teams in need of tackle depth.

Similarly, the wide receiver group shines as a beacon of talent, with the potential to rank among the best classes ever assembled. Headlined by standouts like Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers, this class boasts an unprecedented number of receivers among the top 50 prospects. Harrison and Nabers both rank in my top 3 wide receiver prospects ever. With an anticipated level of talent into the first round, the depth and caliber of wideouts available promise to reshape offenses across the league.

However, not all positional groups within this class meet such high standards. The running back and tight end positions, in particular, fall short of expectations. With no running back garnering a first-round grade and the tight end group relying heavily on standout talent like Brock Bowers, these positions lack the depth and value observed in their counterparts.

The cornerback and quarterback classes both offer great talent and above average depth as well. Although both classes do seemingly appear top heavy with a significant drop off down the latter part of the list.

Overall, the potential of this draft class to rank among the all-time greats is certainly a possibility. While certain areas may not meet the same level of excellence as others, the sheer talent and depth across numerous positions set the stage for a draft class that could leave a lasting impact on the NFL landscape. Only time will reveal the true extent of its legacy.


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