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Is the Risk Worth the Reward when it comes to Tight End Brock Bowers?

Is the Risk Worth the Reward when it comes to Tight End Brock Bowers?
Is the Risk Worth the Reward when it comes to Tight End Brock Bowers? Check out this article by Kade Nix.

Georgia’s standout tight end, Brock Bowers, undeniably ranks among the most talented prospects and top pass catchers in the upcoming draft class. With a current projection as a top 10 pick, he follows in the footsteps of the highly-touted Kyle Pitts from the 2021 draft.

However, Pitts’s somewhat underwhelming career prompts a reflection on the risks associated with drafting a tight end so high and whether the potential reward justifies it. Despite this concern, there’s a prevailing sentiment that Bowers surpasses Pitts as a prospect, making a compelling case for his worth, especially considering his standing not only as the premier tight end but also one of the best overall receivers in the draft.

Nevertheless, the impact of Bowers’ worth hinges significantly on the team that drafts him. The narrative surrounding Pitts might have been different if he landed anywhere other than Atlanta. This raises the question of whether team fit plays a crucial role in the success and perception of high-drafted tight ends. The concern with selecting tight ends at such a high position lies in the belief that, similar to running backs, they might not have the transformative effect on a team’s future.

In this view, it seems reasonable to target tight ends or running backs when a team already boasts a solid roster and a notable gap at either position is the final piece needed for a championship run. The Los Angeles Chargers, currently picking early in the draft, exemplify a team that, with a well-built roster, might see Bowers as the missing link for an all-around upgrade.

In contrast, teams like the New England Patriots or the Washington Commanders, with multiple needs across the board, might not find it advisable to invest a top-ten pick in a tight end. For them, prioritizing positions that address multiple gaps in their lineup could be a more effective approach. The value of drafting Bowers early appears contingent on a team’s overall roster composition and the urgency for specific upgrades. It remains to be seen how teams will navigate this dynamic in the upcoming draft and whether Bowers will indeed be the transformative piece for a franchise in need of the final puzzle.

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