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Could Jonathon Brooks Stay in Texas?

Could Jonathon Brooks Stay in Texas?
Could Jonathon Brooks Stay in Texas?

Standout Texas running back Jonathon Brooks is garnering high praise across mock drafts and big boards from scouts and analysts. Brooks is widely regarded and predicted as the first running back to hear their name on draft night. While that may be true, he may have to wait until day two or three, as I predict no running back will be selected in the first round of this year’s draft. The depth of talent in positions such as tackles, wideouts, and an extensive list of quarterbacks makes it impractical for a running back to crack the top 40 selections, particularly in a relatively weak class.

Still, that leaves the question of when he will go, and to who. Like I said, I believe Brooks will be the first name called, but it won’t be until the middle of round two or later. It’s also important to remember that selecting a running back in the draft is a choice that is made with not near enough caution.

It’s important for two reasons in particular. Premier running backs have a much shorter lifespan than other skill positions. Elite-level running backs dwindle their value very early on in their careers, more than any other position. With too much tread on their tires in their first few seasons, those first-round backs may not produce enough to see any type of contract extension. That begs the question: Is it worth drafting a back in the first round if I am only able to get a few elite-level years out of him? The answer is usually no. 

The second reason it’s important is because far too many running backs these days are wasting every single one of their carries on teams that have no future. Selecting a running back should only occur if he is the missing piece to a team’s puzzle. Attempting to turn a struggling team around with a top running back prospect, as seen with Saquon Barkley and the Giants, is unlikely to succeed. An example of the right approach is the 49ers and Christian McCaffrey. With a complete roster, the Niners acquired McCaffrey as the final piece in their pursuit of a championship. Granted, McCaffrey wasn’t drafted by the 49ers, and he stands as an exception in a league where running backs typically see a decline in value after a few seasons. Nevertheless, the sentiment is still there. Do not draft a running back in the first few rounds unless you are a developed team and you are ready to win now.

Teams that fit that description and would be justified for taking a running back early would be a team like the Cowboys. They have a good enough roster to go chase a Super Bowl but lack an elite run game. (No, Tony Pollard is not the answer) After all, Jonathan Brooks is coming out of Texas and he may very well be the final piece to the Cowboys puzzle.

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