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Hidden Gems in The 2024 NFL Draft

Hidden Gems in The 2024 NFL Draft
Hidden Gems in The 2024 NFL Draft by Kade Nix!

In the world of the NFL draft, the late rounds often hold the key to uncovering hidden talent. Diligent research becomes paramount for teams looking to strike gold with lesser-known prospects. Let’s take a closer look at three players flying under the radar, poised to make a significant impact for the teams wise enough to draft them.

1. WR Jacob Cowing, Arizona

Cowing may not be a household name yet, but his potential is undeniable. With a knack for navigating the zone and an impressive ability to track deep passes, he draws comparisons to last year’s standout, Tank Dell. If Cowing lands in a young and evolving system similar to Dell’s, he could become a regrettable miss for teams passing up on this budding talent.

2. CB Ennis Rakestraw, Missouri

Rakestraw’s stock is on the rise, and for good reason. His explosive transition from backpedal to action sets him apart in the cornerback class. Combine that with his physicality, quick reflexes, and keen instincts, and you have a player destined for success. Initially projected as a later-round pick, don’t be surprised if Rakestraw’s name enters the first-round conversation as the draft process unfolds. He’s a promising pick that will pay dividends come April.

3. EDGE Adisa Isaac, Penn State

While overshadowed by his Penn State counterpart, Chop Robinson, Isaac remains a hidden gem in draft discussions. His ability to effectively pursue runners in space and fluidity in pass rush attempts showcase a well-rounded skill set. Although he may not carry the same hype as Chop, teams selecting Isaac will find a player with the potential to exceed expectations. Keep an eye on this overlooked edge rusher who has all the tools to make a significant impact at the next level.

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