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Should the Bears take Caleb Williams or trade down and get more draft capital?

Chicago Bears should trade down and avoid Caleb Williams | Build around Fields
Should the Bears take Caleb Williams or trade down and get more draft capital?

I am sure the Chicago Bears have done a ton of homework on the quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft, but everyone has them penciled in to select Caleb Williams, but how do we know if he will fit their mold and system the best?

I have seen everyone saying they think Caleb Williams will be a Bear, but let’s play the Devil’s advocate and say they really value Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels more than Williams?

The NFC North is constantly getting strong, the Lions look like a force to be reckon with and have added some amazing pieces in Free Agency. The Minnesota Vikings maybe the worst team in the division next year with no quarterback, and the Packers are a solid team, but could use some help in many areas on their roster. So technically the Bears could easily take over the NFC North or be fighting for a wild card position this year if they can continue to add solid pieces.

The Bears added D’Andre Swift to their backfield, and traded for Keenan Allen. Right now the Bears offensive line is very young but a stout group of players. They have a running back and a solid tight end in Cole Kmet. The team has a lot of amazing parts, but they need a quarterback to solidify it all.

The Bears can technically trade down to two or even three and select the quarterback they want. Let’s say Jayden Daniels is the guy they truly want. They could trade to #2 and allow the Commanders to come up and take Caleb Williams. This would give them the second pick, as well as multiple other picks. Bears could then take Jayden Daniels at 2 or move back again. Maybe the Patriots want a quarterback or maybe the Bears value Michael Penix Jr as their future quarterback.

We do not know what the Bears will do, but the Bears are in an interesting spot, and I am not sure the Bears have to select Caleb Williams. They could still be players in moving around. I am not sure they are completely sold on him as a prospect still.

At the end of the day, I am not sure if the Bears could beat the Lions to clinch the NFC North as champions, but they can definitely contend. I think the Bears can beat the Vikings and Packers and clinch a wild card with any quarterback. They have solid depth.


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