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2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Tight Ends

2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Tight Ends
2024 Top 5 Prospects by Position: Tight Ends
  1. Brock Bowers, UGA

Bowers is not only the best tight end in this class, but also one of the best receivers in this class. He’s highly productive with an exceptional playmaking ability, especially in big games. His ability to run after the catch and gain yards sets him apart from other tight ends in the class. He is extremely versatile and can be used in several ways within an offense. He has an explosive play style and plays with high motor and elite leadership skills. He can make any catch as a receiver, as he displays elite ball skills and can make any catch at any point. He has room for improvement within his route running, especially against zone coverage, as safeties often disrupt his timing. His size is questionable for a tight end and raises concerns in his ability to be used to block. His work off the line could also use refinement.

  1. Ja’Tavion Sanders, TEX

During Sanders time at Texas, it is to be noted that he can be a standout red zone threat. He runs precise routes with crisp routes. He catches well in traffic and has good hands. He doesn’t have an elite level of athleticism or enough speed to be as elusive as he was in college. At Texas, he was able to run by defenders with his play speed. Unless he refines his overall play speed, it won’t translate to the next level. He’s good with yards after the catch, but again due to his speed, it may not follow him to the NFL. He’s a project but with the right fit and the right system, he could be a good player at the next level. 

  1. Theo Johnson, PSU

Theo Johnson has been productive at Penn State throughout his college career. He’s an effective receiving tight end, but overall balanced across the board. After a solid performance at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine, he jumped the rankings and landed in the top 5 in his positional group.

  1. Ben Sinnott, KSU

Sinnott has good size, strength, and explosiveness in his game. He looks to get downfield on receptions and makes defenders miss in the open field. He gets involved in blocking downfield, for ball carriers, and does so efficiently. He works through his cuts nicely and can get separation. He’s coordinated and has soft, reliable hands. His speed for his size is good, but it’s nothing that the defense will have to worry about. He lacks elite top-end speed and good acceleration. He gets too handsy at the line of scrimmage and his timing is often thrown off. He’ll have to flesh out some things before he is NFL-ready.

  1. JaHeim Bell, FSU

Bell is a good runner after the catch and has a good field vision for finding open spaces in a zone. He has great short-area quickness and will get off the line well. He plays smoothly, and looks clean in and out of his routes, and as he transitions to a runner after the catch. He has good acceleration, and enough speed to get enough separation at the college level, but is not elite by any means and may need to create other methods of achieving separation at the pro level. He cannot block at a high level and tends to have a playing speed on the lower side. He will need to gain a larger frame to be an NFL-caliber blocker as well. 


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