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Is it the end of the world if you are not drafted in the NFL Draft?

Is it the end of the world if you are not drafted in the NFL Draft?
Is it the end of the world if you are not drafted in the NFL Draft?

Every football player’s dream is to hear their name called during the NFL Draft. Not every player is going to hear their names called, unfortunately. I am asked all the time by players about not getting drafted, and I tell them it is a blessing. Going undrafted in the NFL Draft may seem like a setback at first glance, but there are several reasons why it can sometimes be more advantageous than being selected late in the draft:

Player’s Choice of Team

Undrafted players have the opportunity to choose which team they want to sign with as a free agent. This allows them to assess depth charts, coaching staff, playing style, and team needs to find the best fit for their skills and potential for playing time.

Motivation and Chip on the Shoulder

Being passed over in the draft can fuel a player’s motivation to prove themselves. Many undrafted players enter the league with a chip on their shoulder, determined to show teams that they made a mistake by not selecting them. This motivation can drive them to work harder and perform better.

Negotiation Power

Undrafted players have more leverage in contract negotiations compared to late-round draft picks. They can negotiate with multiple teams and potentially secure more favorable contract terms, including signing bonuses and guaranteed money.

Less Pressure

Late-round draft picks are still expected to perform and justify their selection, which can create added pressure. Undrafted players, on the other hand, have already defied the odds by making an NFL roster without being drafted, which can alleviate some of the pressure to perform right away.

Opportunity to Define Legacy

Undrafted players who go on to have successful NFL careers often become inspirational stories and are remembered for their perseverance and determination. They have the opportunity to define their legacy and prove that success in the NFL is not limited to those who are drafted.

Overall, while being undrafted in the NFL Draft may initially seem like a setback, it can provide unique advantages and opportunities for players who are willing to work hard and seize their chances. I tell players all the time, I would rather go undrafted than to be selected in the 7th round of an NFL draft by a team that has already selected three others players at my position.


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