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Dolphins HC Mike McDaniels: Tua will “absolutely” get extension after 2024

Dolphins HC McDaniels: Tua "absolutely" will get extension after 2024
Dolphins HC McDaniels: Tua “absolutely” will get extension after 2024

The ever-comical Mike McDaniel, head coach of the Miami Dolphins, sounded like his usual self the moment he arrived at the podium at the NFL Combine to take questions from the media.

While he wasn’t wearing his typical beige joggers, the coach was well-aware of the loud surroundings around him with all the coaches and general managers speaking in the podiums around him.

“I’m going to have to talk loud with all this voice competition,” he quipped. “Whaddya guys got?”

McDaniel’s quirky yet straightforward nature was on display after a question about how fast an NFL quarterback needs to get rid of the ball.

“Before he’s sacked,” said McDaniels, as the press giggled. “No, honestly, really, some of the best players in the National Football League are collected (from) pass rushers on the defensive front. The most strained matchups you have, regardless of the teams you’re playing against.  Being able to play to that and not have the quarterback have the ball that long before he throws it minimizes the chance for those negative plays.  It’s not a mandate that you want the ball out at a certain time.  It’s more like you’re trying to the strength of your team and when things are open and both the offensive player and scheme allow for a player to be open.  You take advantage of that because it’s more difficult for the defense to have a negative play at the line of scrimmage of behind it.”

The 2024 season will be the last year on Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s contract.  McDaniel believes he will “absolutely” get an extension.

“One of the cool things in this organization is how communicative and how I work with Chris Grier as well as how I can separate what my job is and what his job is,” McDaniel said. “My main concern this offseason is communicating what Tua needs from his head coach and coaching staff, which is what things we can identify to continue the progression of his game. Tua is stronger than the first day I met him.”


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