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Is it better to choose a Non-Power 5 program over a Power 5 coming out of high school?

Is it better to choose a Non-Power 5 over a Power 5 coming out of high school?
Is it better to choose a Non-Power 5 program over a Power 5 coming out of high school?

Selecting a non-Power 5 college football program over a Power 5 program can offer numerous benefits for student-athletes.

While Power 5 conferences like the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac-12 often receive the most attention and media coverage, non-Power 5 programs can provide unique opportunities and advantages that may better suit certain players.

Here are some benefits of choosing a non-Power 5 college football program:

Opportunity for Early Playing Time

Non-Power 5 programs may offer student-athletes the chance to see the field earlier in their college careers. In Power 5 programs, competition for playing time can be fierce due to the higher concentration of top recruits. At non-Power 5 schools, talented players may have a clearer path to earning significant playing time and making an impact on the field sooner.

Greater Individual Attention

With smaller rosters and coaching staffs, non-Power 5 programs may provide student-athletes with more individualized attention and coaching. Players may have the opportunity to work closely with coaches to develop their skills, receive personalized feedback, and focus on areas for improvement.

Opportunity to Build a Program

Some student-athletes are drawn to non-Power 5 programs by the opportunity to be part of building or revitalizing a program. These schools may be undergoing transitions, coaching changes, or rebuilding efforts, and players can play a pivotal role in shaping the future success of the program.

Showcase Talent on a Big Stage

While non-Power 5 programs may not have the same level of national exposure as Power 5 schools, they still have the opportunity to compete against top-tier competition and showcase their talent on a big stage. Non-conference matchups against Power 5 opponents and bowl game appearances provide valuable opportunities for players to demonstrate their skills and attract attention from scouts and NFL teams.

Quality Education and Personal Development

Many non-Power 5 schools offer excellent academic programs and resources to support student-athletes in their academic pursuits. Student-athletes can receive a quality education while competing at a high level of college football.

Additionally, the smaller campus communities at non-Power 5 schools may provide a more intimate and supportive environment for personal and academic growth.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to choose a Power 5 or non-Power 5 college football program depends on the individual preferences, goals, and priorities of the student-athlete.

While Power 5 programs may offer greater exposure and resources, non-Power 5 schools can provide unique opportunities for playing time, individual attention, and personal development. It’s essential for student-athletes to carefully consider their options and choose the program that aligns best with their academic, athletic, and personal goals.


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