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How High School Football Players Can Catch the Eye of College Coaches

How High School Football Players Can Catch the Eye of College Coaches
How High School Football Players Can Catch the Eye of College Coaches

For many high school football players, the dream of playing at the collegiate level is a driving force behind their dedication and hard work on the field. However, with thousands of student-athletes vying for limited spots on college rosters, standing out from the crowd can be a daunting task.

We will explore strategies that high school football players can employ to get noticed by college coaches and increase their chances of earning a coveted scholarship.

Excel on the Field

The most fundamental way to catch the eye of college coaches is by excelling on the football field. This includes not only performing well during games but also demonstrating dedication, hustle, and a strong work ethic during practices and offseason workouts. Coaches are always on the lookout for players who stand out with their athleticism, skills, and performance under pressure.

Build a Highlight Reel

In the digital age, highlight reels through HUDL, have become a crucial tool for high school athletes looking to showcase their talents to college coaches. Players should compile a high-quality highlight reel that showcases their best plays, including touchdowns, tackles, interceptions, and other standout moments. The reel should be concise, well-edited, and accompanied by relevant information such as statistics, academic achievements, and contact details.

Attend Football Camps and Showcases

Football camps and showcases provide valuable opportunities for high school players to showcase their skills in front of college coaches and scouts. These events offer exposure to a wider audience of college programs and allow players to receive feedback from experienced coaches. By participating in reputable camps and showcases, players can increase their visibility and demonstrate their abilities in a competitive setting.

Focus on Academics

While talent on the football field is essential, college coaches also place a high value on academic success. High school players should prioritize their studies and maintain a strong academic record, as this can open doors to scholarship opportunities at prestigious academic institutions. Coaches are more likely to recruit student-athletes who excel both athletically and academically. The goal is to have higher than a 2.5 GPA in all your classes. Many schools look at the GPA and if you grades stink, you may not be given a scholarship.


There are numerous online platforms that connect high school athletes with college coaches and recruiters. Players can create profiles on these platforms, upload their highlight reels, and provide relevant information about their athletic and academic achievements. Additionally, networking with coaches, attending college recruiting events, and reaching out to programs of interest can help players establish connections and garner attention from college coaches. Do not be afraid to follow as many coaches as possible, and send them messages. Josh Allen sent out thousands of emails and it only took one to offer him, so he could be drafted in the NFL!

Getting noticed by college coaches as a high school football player requires a combination of talent, dedication, and strategic planning. By excelling on the field, building a strong highlight reel, attending football camps and showcases, prioritizing academics, and utilizing recruiting services and networking opportunities, players can increase their visibility and position themselves for success at the collegiate level. With perseverance and determination, the dream of playing college football can become a reality for aspiring student-athletes.


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