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Dan Marino picked his Mount Rushmore for quarterbacks | He did not select himself and left off a legend

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Dan Marino picked his Mount Rushmore for quarterbacks and did not select himself

Dan Marino is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but he was very modest when he spoke with Sports Illustrated ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, to pick his Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks.

Marino would not select himself but did select two guys in his draft class.

“To me, [Joe] Montana and [John] Elway, Jim Kelly—those guys, all those guys,” Marino said. 

For the last and final spot, Marino said it is between two of the newer guys. Let’s see what he said:

Patrick Mahomes he’s going to be considered one of the best ever, too,”

You got Tom Brady, you got a lot of guys. So, there’s a lot to pick from there.”Montana, Elway, Kelly and Mahomes or Brady. That’s not a bad monument of quarterbacks.

The crazy thing is Marino left off Peyton Manning. I want to know who you would put on your Mount Rushmore of Quarterbacks.


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