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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Connor Scaglione, OG, Georgia Tech

Connor Scaglione is a powerful blocker with solid lateral quickness at Georgia Tech. Senior Hula Bowl scout Mike Bey breaks him down as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Connor Scaglione, #65
School (Code)Georgia Tech (GATC)
DOB, Class YrN/A, 6th YR GR
Height, Weight6042e, 315e
40 Yd Dash5.18e
Honors/Captainship2022 HM All-Ivy
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Games Watched@VAUN, NYSY, GAUN, @FLCE (bowl)
Scout Name / DateMike Bey 12/26/23

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202313 GP, 13 GS
2022@NJPR 9 GP, 9 GS
2021@NJPR 10 GP, 10 GS
2020@NJPR DNP (Covid)
2019@NJPR 7 GP, 1 GS
2018@NJPR 3 GP

Player Summary:

6th YR GR and 1 yr starter on the OL where he aligns at RG in the gap and zone blocking scheme of GATC. He transferred from NJPR in ’23. He possesses solid height and weight with good speed and a powerful build. He is a solid athlete showing a combination of solid COD, acceleration, explosiveness, lateral quickness and agility with average balance and sufficient play speed. He is a solid run blocker. When asked to pull, he displays solid lateral quickness and agility while taking good angles to get to the perimeter and uses his good play strength to seal off EDGE with subpar explosiveness. On reach blocks, he is quick out of his stance before latching on and generates movement at the POA against DL with ordinary physical toughness with his above-average foot drive and solid physical toughness. He displays sufficient play speed when reaching to the 2nd level and effectively uses his solid physical toughness to overpower LB with subpar AA. He displays average finish ability as he finishes the block to the ground against DL with ordinary balance. In pass pro, he plays with a good, wide base and keeps his feet moving. He displays solid anchor ability due to his good play strength against IDL with adequate length. He displays sufficient reactive athleticism as he picks up stunts and twists from IDL and EDGE with ordinary lateral quickness and agility twisting towards the A/B gap. If left unblocked, he does a solid job of assisting OC and OT with their assignment in pass pro. He does a solid job of keeping his weight over his toes. Quality mental toughness enables him to elevate his play in the redzone. He exhibits mediocre UOH while run blocking and in pass pro due to wide hand placement which prevents him from winning battles with his hands inside consistently. Adequate flexibility prevents him from bending at the knee. Ordinary counter ability enables DL with quick hands and good length to disengage.

Scheme Fit:

OG in gap scheme.

Power Statement:

Tough, powerful, intelligent player who plays well as a run blocker and is solid overall in pass pro. Lacks quality UOH which prevents him from consistently winning battles with his hands inside.

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