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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Will Howard, QB, Kansas State

Will Howard is the field general at QB for Kansas State. He exhibits solid accuracy and good poise. Senior Hula Bowl scout Mike Bey breaks down Howard as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Will Howard, #18
School (Code)KSST
DOB, Class Yr9/24/01, SR
Height, Weight6041e, 242e
40 Yd Dash4.83e
Honors/Captainship’23 Maxwell Award Watchlist, ’23 Davey O’Brien Award Watchlist, ’22 and ’23 Wuerffel Trophy Watchlist
Season Viewed (yr)2022 and 2023
Games WatchedALUN (Bowl), ALTR, @MOUN, FLCE
Scout Name / DateMike Bey, 9/26/23

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20234 GP, 4 GS, 139 Att, 91 Comp, 1072 Yds, 8 TD, 4 INT, 1 Rec, 8 Yds, 1 TD, 28 Rush Att, 123 Yds, 5 TD
20227 GP, 5 GS, 199 Att, 119 Comp, 1633 Yds, 15 TD, 4 INT, 35 Rush Att, 22 Yds, 3 TD
20216 GP, 3 GS 55 Att, 30 Comp, 332 Yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 32 Rush Att, 184 Yds, 4 TD
20209 GP, 7 GS 168 Att, 90 Comp, 1178 Yds, 8 TD, 10 INT, 78 Rush Att, 364 Yds, 3 TD

Player Summary:

SR and 4 yr starter at QB in the balanced offense of KSST. He possesses good height with elite weight and solid speed with an athletic build. He is a solid athlete showing a combination of solid acceleration, balance, acceleration, lateral quickness and agility with ordinary COD and solid top end play speed. He does a solid job of reading the entire field as he drops back and possesses a smooth release. He delivers the ball with solid accuracy on short and intermediate passes. He exhibits good arm strength as he delivers the ball with good velocity as he transfers his weight to his front foot before stepping into the throw and releasing the ball. He exhibits good poise in the pocket as he delivers an accurate ball with a blitzing LB in his face. He exhibits decent mobility as he picks up a first down by himself when there is an open lane in front of him using his solid play speed to outrun DL with subpar acceleration as he picks up a first down. He does a good job of finishing the run if tackled by falling forward for extra yardage. He displays above-average mental toughness as he doesn’t shy away from contact when running the ball and he elevates his play in the redzone. He displays subpar accuracy when throwing on the move as he struggles to hit WR in stride when rolling out. Lack of elite AA prevents him from escaping the rush from EDGE with good play speed and physical toughness. He is below-average when throwing the deep ball as he overthrows WR with average play speed on go, seam and post routes. He exhibits ordinary decision-making ability as he gets too confident with his arm causing him to throw into double coverage which leads to incompletions and interceptions.

Scheme Fit:

QB in WCO due to his accuracy on short and intermediate passes.

Power Statement:

Tough, experienced player who is accurate on short and intermediate passes, can pick up a first down on his own and shows good poise in the pocket. He struggles to consistently deliver an accurate deep ball and his overconfidence in his arm leads to him making bad decisions with the ball.

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