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Pittman’s Pocket: HBCU’s need to stop using non recruiting factor’s for recruiting

Pittman's Pocket: HBCU's need to stop using non recruiting factor's for recruiting
Pittman’s Pocket: HBCU’s need to stop using non recruiting factor’s for recruiting

There are many programs in the HBCU community that use expensive material things to recruit prospects from high school and Junior College to attend their programs. I see schools using expensive cars just like the power five programs, and I get that they are trying to emulate the concept, but it’s very negative.

And I only emphasize that because of the culture of the HBCU is not equivalent as the Power 5 financial identification. Most PWI’s can financially back themselves up, when it comes to this kind of recruiting. Schools like Louisiana Tech or Florida Gators have resources and can use planes, but how can an HBCU compete? There is a way to do it, and that is to find more help and identify more talent via recruiting.

You can promote your media content with the program publicly and probably within the team on recruiting trips. As some in the past have been shown on ESPN or HBCU plus packages. You can do Sorority Introduction, and push that there is a zero tolerance for hazing or sexual misconduct.

You can use popular resources as such as celebrities, FAMU utilizes the resources of Chad Johnson as an ambassador. Grambling State definitely loves when Snoop Dogg gives them a complete shout out as well. These type of resources are popular publicly and privately to better uplift your football program. Programs and the athletic program have to keep an open mind to these artists, and utilize them to benefit the program. Have them at a major game or during the spring break to boost the morale on the campus.

Subsequently it is good idea to tap into the actual recruiting asset. Look at how Deion Sanders recruited at Jackson State. He was not on a fancy plane to recruit kids to go to Jackson, he really recruited. No need for a fancy boat or a fancy cars. He watched football and met with the kids and their families. That method seems to still be working because TC Taylor is doing a great job still at Jackson State a year later. Texas Southern Head Coach Clarence McKinney, and Fred McNair at Alcorn State have also been doing a great job at recruiting and finding top talent. Several three to five star athletes have been discovered by these men recruiting.

Then you look at the legendary Buddy Pough of South Carolina State University! The guy finds a way to put together an amazing roster year in and year out.

The conclusion I’m just only emphasizing at this point that HBCU’s do not need to subsidize themselves and compel themselves with power five Powerade schools. It makes no sense to compete with companies that are paying thousands to land a player, when all you have to do is turn on the film. Using cars as part of NIL deals to come to the program are effective at some schools, but playing time can be a huge factor as well. Material things will only get you so far. The experience of an HBCU programs towns or popular population in that area are not equivalent to the bigger schools, but if you have never been to an HBCU game it is powerful. The fans screaming for their teams, the bands at halftime competing and calling each other out, the concessions and the fellowship that come along with the HBCU is what can be a driving force for a recruit.

If HBCU’s had the budgets that many of the PWI and Power Five programs have, the HBCU’s would likely put more players in the NFL every year. The budget hurts HBCU programs, but there is talent in the programs that are unmatched. Coaching year-by-year continues to improve, and if HBCU’s can continue to find ways to improve their product on the field by recruiting without spending so much trying to entice a player, they could take over the game.

Brian Pittman

Worked as a Scout and volunteer for the East n West Shriners game in 2016-2017. Also attended the Hula bowl and Tropical Bowl games. 2022 Also was a independent Agent and Scout at the CGS bowl game in 2021. Worked All star games like the EPS All-Americans game in 2017.

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