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Who Are The Top 5 Teams In The NFC?

After a tough loss in the Super Bowl, we break down what the Philadelphia Eagles offseason will look like as they try to get back.
Last season was a big year, Jalen Hurts beat the odds and overcame what many people were concerned with.

We tackled the top five teams in the AFC, now it’s time to discuss the top five teams in the NFC for this up-and-coming football season.

Starting with number one on the top list would be the Philadelphia Eagles. Last season was a big year, Jalen Hurts beat the odds and overcame what many people were concerned with. This Offense was exciting and electrifying. Many key factors contributed to this offense, from the strong offensive line to the skilled weapons. If it’s not Jalen Hurts beating you with his legs in the run game then it’s AJ Brown or Devonte Smith. The skill level doesn’t fall off on the defensive side either. They were able to develop a strong defensive core with talented perimeter defenders. Even though they lost some key players in this year’s free agency consisting of Javon Hargrave,  Miles Sanders, Marcus Epps, and Isaac Seumalo, they were able to find pieces to reload this team. This offseason they accomplished acquiring Deandre Swift from the Detroit Lions, re-signing James Bradberry and Darius Slay. They were also able to draft Jalen Carter, Nolan Smith, Tyler Steen, Sydney Brown, and more. Needless to say, the Philadelphia Eagles will remain firepower in the NFC.

The second-best team is the San Francisco 49ers, who should have the title of creative. The creativity and versatility the 49ers were able to establish was definitely something to watch out for. Many question marks came toward the 49ers early in the season with Trey Lance and Jimmy Garrapolo getting injured. The role of starting Quarterback fell to “Mr. Irrelevant” Brock Purdy, who stunned and surprised everyone. But injuries didn’t escape them late in the playoffs causing them to fall short of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game. Despite the injuries of last season, this is still a high-performance football team that has many ways to beat you offensively and defensively. The biggest thing to watch out for is, who will be the starting Quarterback. A notable player the 49ers added would be Javon Hargrave from the Philadelphia Eagles. With the amount of weapons the 49ers have, it will still be exciting to see them in action again.

The Dallas Cowboys have made their way to the number three spot. The Cowboys have had a few changes this off-season, with losing Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore to the Los Angeles Chargers, as well as Mike McCarthy stepping up and filling the Offensive Coordinator role. This will be very interesting to see how this plays out as some say McCarthy is betting on himself to get the job done. Besides the staff changes, there have been changes to the team as well. The Dallas Cowboys’ defense has gotten better and looks to be very formidable. They added Stephon Gilmore to help assist in the cornerback room. But a notable player they didn’t re-sign is Ezekiel Elliot, who is currently still a free agent. The Cowboys defensively have been solid over the years but it will be a big season for this offense. The question for the Cowboys offense this year is, can they be consistent and finish the drill? Offensively, they have pieces to be successful, which is why they are at number three.

The NFC East has made another appearance in the top five. The New York Giants are number four. Even though the Giants have a franchise tag on Saquon Barkley, the team has added new pieces to be successful. The Giants acquired Darren Waller, Parris Campbell, and Jamison Crowder. They were able to re-sign Defensive Linemen Dexter Lawrence, who was a key contributor to the defense. Last year the Giants made huge strides with the help of head coach Brian Daboll and Quarterback Daniel Jones, who proved that he should get a new contract, despite the Giants not picking up his fifth-year option.. This team has a lot of upside considering they ended on a high note by making it to the playoffs and beating the Minnesota Vikings, 31-24.

The last team on the list is the Minnesota Vikings. Now this is another team that made it to the playoffs but is currently facing a roster issue. Starting Running Back Dalvin Cook is still a free agent. This leaves them without a starting Running Back. Despite this issue, they were able to acquire a receiver from this year’s draft, Jordan Addison. He will go well with Justin Jefferson since Adam Thielen left in free agency for the Carolina Panthers. A key player they lost in free agency as well, would be Linebacker Eric Kendricks. Kendricks was seen as the brains of the defense last year, who had a total of 137 tackles. This team will definitely have some new faces on this defense, so keep an eye out for how the Minnesota Vikings make use of this coming year.

Even though these are the top five teams, two teams I would keep an eye out for are the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks. Both of these teams improved their roster in the off-season and could sneak their way into the top five.

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