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Is Lamar Jackson to Indianapolis Colts still in play? One NFL insider believes there is still a chance

Lamar Jackson Trade Rumors: Will the Indianapolis Colts make a run for Lamar Jackson?
Is Lamar Jackson to Indianapolis Colts still in play? One NFL insider believes there is still a chance

Could Lamar Jackson still end up being traded? It has been pretty quiet when it comes to his situation. You have heard many teams come out and say they are not interested, but there is one beat reporter that I trust quite a bit who feels a trade for Lamar could still happen.

NFL insider Charles Robinson explained on “You Pod to Win the Game” why he thinks there is still a chance Indianapolis is an option for Jackson during the 2023 NFL Draft.

“I do think Lamar could potentially factor into this draft. I don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility that there is a team in that top five, specifically Indianapolis at number four. Where, depending on how Lamar wants to continue to approach the guaranteed money, that the Colts wouldn’t look at him.”

The Colts are in a weird situation, because if they are sold on one of the quarterbacks they have to hope he falls to them at four. Many feel they have shown quite a bit of interest in Will Levis, but there are other teams that have shown interest in him as well. The Raiders at seven have definitely shown interest.

A matter of fact they had him on a top 30 visit the other day. If the Raiders want him they are going to have to jump the Colts at 3 to select him. Who sits at three? The Arizona Cardinals do. If the Panthers select Bryce Young and the Texans select CJ Stroud that would leave either Anthony Richardson or Will Levis at three and four. The Colts would either have to trade up to three to get Levis or hope the Cardinals select someone other than a quarterback.

If the Raiders offer a bunch to move up though, Lamar Jackson then becomes one of the best options unless the Colts are sold on Anthony Richardson.

Do I think four quarterbacks could be selected with the first four picks? I think there could be because there are many teams that are looking for a quarterback. Even teams looking for a backup may come up if they have one of these players rated high.

Either way, Lamar Jackson could still be dealt, I hope it does happen. If that happens would the Ravens select a quarterback at four? They may love Tyler Huntley so who knows……


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