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393 football players on the 53-man rosters are Undrafted Free Agents | 23% of the League are undrafted

Peyton Hendershot Undrafted Free Agents
Peyton Hendershot made the Cowboys 53 man roster after going undrafted out of Indiana.

Cut down days are over, and there still could be some moves but as of right now there are 393 football players on NFL rosters that were undrafted.

That is pretty impressive because there are 1696 total players in the NFL not including I/R or practice squads.

Making an NFL roster as an undrafted free agent is not easy. Franchises have little, if anything, invested in undrafted rookies, and guaranteed money is rarely a factor. Like all first-year players, they’re also completely unproven at the pro level.

Kayla Burton posted the stats on her Twitter.

NFL teams are often graded for their rookie class by looking merely at the players they selected in the draft. However, there are often just as many contributors who end up being added afterward as undrafted free agents.


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