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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Deslin Alexandre, DE, Pittsburgh

Deslin Alexandre has been a quality edge rusher in the Pittsburgh Panther defense. Hula Bowl scout, Matthew Swanson breaks down Alexandre's strengths and weaknesses as an NFL Prospect in this article.
Deslin Alexandre has been a quality edge rusher in the Pittsburgh Panther defense. Hula Bowl scout, Matthew Swanson breaks down Alexandre’s strengths and weaknesses as an NFL Prospect in this article.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Deslin Alexandre, #5
School (Code)PAPT
DOB, Class Yr06-11-1998, 6th Yr. Rs. Sr.
Height, Weight6033, 282
40 Yd Dash4.90
Arms, Hands3378, 0958
Position/DepthRotational DE #1
Honors/CaptainshipAll-ACC Academic Football Team (2019, 2020)Team Captain (2021, 2022)Honorable Mention All-ACC (2021)
Season Viewed (yr)2021, 2022
Games WatchedWVUN (22’), NCUN (21’), NCWF (21’), MIWE (21’)
Scout Name / DateMatthew Swanson / 09-28-2022

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2022Incomplete (suffered a right arm injury week 1)
202112 GP, 41 TKL (16 SOLO 25 AST), 5.0 TFL, 2.5 SCK, 0 INT, 1 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR
202010 GP, 18 TKL (12 SOLO 6 AST), 6.5 TFL, 3.0 SCK, 0 INT, 2 PD, 0 FF, 1 FR
201913 GP, 38 TKL (18 SOLO 20 AST), 10.0 TFL, 5.5 SCK, 0 INT, 2 PD, 0 FF, 1 FR
20183 GP, 5 TKL (0 SOLO 5 AST), 1.0 TFL, 0 SCK, 0 INT, 0 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR

Player Summary: 

The strong willed, 24-year-old, team captain aligns at rotational DE for PAPT in their 4-2-5 defense. Projects as a rotational, hand in the dirt, 4-3 DE at the next level as a 4 or 5 tech. Physically, he’s built like a brickhouse. Dense muscular build at 6033 and 282 LBS with solid height and average weight, possessing thick arms and trunk, a moderately fatty, dense midsection, and average length in his upper extremities. Athletically, he’s sufficient, showing decent play speed along with sufficient twitch, ordinary COD, and good leg drive. Initial get off is solid. Gets off on ball with efficient, consistent anticipation and intense demeanor. Initial quickness is average due to ordinary get off twitch and snap anticipation. Pad level in initial get off is marginal, shooting up instead of out on snap. Average explosion from feet to fingertips in punching the OL with effective results. Against the run he is ordinary. Subpar pad level and good strength relays to decent ability to occupy single blocker with average strength and create LOS stalemate. Occupies and limits an OT’s climb to LBs well. Does a quality job against outside runs keeping shoulders square and outside shoulder free at LOS against pulling OGs, forcing run back inside. Good awareness when staying home, keeping containment is also evident. As a power rusher he is average. Demonstrates solid strength, marginal leverage, and good continuous ability to run feet following initial contact. As a speed rusher, he is ordinary. Ability to bend due to thick, dense midsection and overall stiff stature is marginal, relaying to below-average ability to flatten at the top of rush. Compensates with utilization of a decent swipe and rip combo as well as swim move on the outside shoulder of an OT, making sufficient hand violence and quickness evident. Shows a good motor as an overall rusher, works through traffic until the whistle. Closing speed on RBs and QBs between the hashes is sufficient. Urgency in shedding blocks is below-average, handicapping ability to wrangle RBs and QBs behind LOS. Needs to keep marginal, high pad level low during get off to maximize power in initial engagement and improve as a disruptor. 

Scheme Fit:

Tweener, rotational 4-3 hand in the dirt DE that aligns as a 4T or 5T, in a scheme that prioritizes stout DL to occupy blocks and set the edge at POA. Can be utilized in sub packages and special teams.

Power Statement:

Proportionately solid-sized, dense individual, who has average AA, is ordinary when it comes to stopping the run, and decent as a pass rusher with a good motor. Marginal pad level inhibits initial explosiveness and ordinary AA leads to average ability to make splash plays against the pass and run.

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