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Two former Patriots star football players call Jimmy Garoppolo soft and question his toughness

97 FCS football players on NFL rosters? Former Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy G, is just one of 97 players from the FCS Division to make it to the NFL and stick on the roster!
Jimmy Garoppolo is on the trade block but his new team better look into his toughness. Two former teammates of his are questioning his ability to compete.

Jimmy Garoppolo has some enemies around the NFL. Martellus Bennett, one of the more outspoken football players in NFL history joined his former teammates Devin and Jason McCourty on their “Double Coverage” podcast and when the topic of Jimmy Garoppolo came up it got interesting.

Bennett called Jimmy G a “bitch” and said you cannot win with a “bitch for a quarterback”.

Damn, this is a huge shot at the signal caller for the Niners.

“We lost two games,” Bennett said. “One of them is because Jimmy Garappolo was being a bitch. He quit before us on the last — decided not to play right before the game.”

“So, we went out there, Jacoby [Brissett] came out and played with a f***ked-up thumb, [and] played his heart out. But, Jimmy was just being a bitch about it all.”

“And he’s still being — like, that’s why, you can’t win with a bitch for a quarterback.”

Was Bennett the only one that felt that way? Well, according to Julian Edelman who joined the “I Am Athlete” podcast, Edelman agreed with Bennett.

“A lot of guys got mad about it,” Edelman said. “I’m not going to lie, I got mad about it. I sacrifice my body all day long. I was taking shots for this, numbing up that.”

What do you guys think? It sounds like players put their bodies on the line all the time and Jimmy G was not ready to do that for his team.

“Ribs, broken ribs, shoulders. You know, Grade 3, hanging on by limbs, just to play,” Edelman said. “And, you know, I can understand why Marty thinks like that.”

Do you think Jimmy has a shot at getting traded this preseason? If he does someone better check his toughness at the door.


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