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USFL Overtime is about to be FUN! | Two-Point Shootout will be used!

USFL Overtime Shootout

The USFL kicks off in April, and the rules are already making me pumped to watch the games. The NFL Overtime Rules are horrible, but the USFL is going to take a different approach. They want people tuned in to watch their overtime.

Like Hockey, The USFL is going to a shootout!

The USFL’s version of the two-point shootout will consist of three tries per team; the team with more points after the six total plays wins. If the game remains tied, the process continues with each team getting another try until one team is ahead, according to Pro Football Talk.

I love this idea! I mean imagine if the Chiefs and Bills were able to go back and forth doing two point conversions? The NFL’s Overtime rule sucks and gives whoever wins the coin toss a chance to win the game first and if they score it is over. This way is better and will get a ton of people tuning in to see the creativity of the plays!


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