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Joe Montana is not impressed with Trey Lance and says he would have taken Mac Jones

Many were impressed with Trey Lance's bomb but was Lance shaky in his first NFL action?
Many were impressed with Trey Lance when leaving college at NDSU, but Joe Montana one of the greatest quarterbacks ever questions the pick.

Joe Montana is San Francisco 49ers to the T. The veteran quarterback was on ESPN’s College Football Live this week and he said he would not have taken Trey Lance. He truly questioned the draft pick.

“If I was the 49ers, I would’ve taken the kid from Alabama,” said Montana. “Nothing against the guy that they took, it’s just that, more pro-style offense, more used to being in pressure situations than that. We’ll see what happens in San Francisco, but nothing against Trey.”

He said nothing against Trey, but that was a total shot at the small school quarterback. You have to listen to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game right? Jones would end up falling to 15, and when you look at how much the 49ers had to give up to get Lance it does make you question the move a little bit. Lance has one start so far in his career, but the 49ers are not looking too hot right now.

Jones on the other hand is looking pretty sharp. He has thrown for damn near 2000 yards with 9 touchdowns already and the Patriots with a very rough roster is 4-4 in the AFC East.

I am not sure what to take from this but it sounds like the legend is definitely questioning the selection.


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