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Five teams that should put in a waiver claim for Odell Beckham Jr. if he is cut

Odell Beckham Jr waiver wire
Where oh where will Odell Beckham Jr. land? That is the question….. Here are five teams that should claim him if he is released.

Odell Beckham Jr. is back in the news after a messy break-up with the New York Giants. Now, the Cleveland Browns are going through a messy break-up. Beckham Jr. was sent home the last two days in a row, and there are rumors right now that the Browns are expected to release Beckham Jr. today. If Beckham Jr. is in fact cut he will have to pass through the waivers. Every player after the trade deadline is subject to waivers no matter if they have played in the NFL for many years or were just signed last week.

If the Browns do in fact cut ties with OBJ, what teams should put in a claim for him? Let’s break it down.

Detroit Lions – I mean the Lions need a wide receiver bad. They have been looking for quite some time. They can add a very solid wide receiver and have a head coach who the players seem to like. I mean it is not an ideal place for Odell Beckham Jr. as far as their record, but as far as becoming a true number 1 receiver it makes sense.

Miami Dolphins – I mean the Dolphins are a wreck right now, but they are a way better team than their record shows. Maybe they have enough drama, but if they goal is to land OBJ to give Deshaun Watson a new target come next year it makes a lot of sense to plan for the future. We already know that Watson will only waive his trade clause to play for Miami. If OBJ lands in Miami he could be with Deshaun Watson next year who will definitely look his way.

Seattle Seahawks – DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and OBJ? I mean that is some serious weapons. I think Coach Carroll would do a great job with Odell and make sure the ball is evenly distributed. Right now Russell Wilson is expected to return soon, and he could end up with a fancy new toy. This move makes a lot of sense if you ask me, and the Seahawks have a top 10 waiver claim.

San Francisco 49ers – Odell Beckham Jr. playing with the Niners makes a bunch of sense. I could see Kyle Shanahan making the move to get OBJ. There have always been rumors about OBJ to San Francisco, but now it could become a possibility. The 49ers have Deebo but adding OBJ would help them out big time.

New Orleans Saints – I do not think OBJ will get past 23 in the waiver wire order. I could see the Patriots even making a claim, but if the Saints are there I cannot see them taking him. The former LSU prospect returning home? I mean it just makes too much sense, and with the recent news of Mike Thomas being out for the season, the Saints could use some help.


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