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NFL Draft Diamonds Free Agent Interview: Brady Opp, Defensive Lineman

Brady Opp the fierce and competive defensive lineman formerly of CSU-Pueblo recently sat down with Justin Berendzen.

Hello, I am @jrberendzen on Twitter and this is one of my free agent interviews where I ask very deserving free agents questions about the players themselves and about what a team would get in these players. All of these players should get picked up by NFL, CFL, and XFL teams. Check out this amazing interview with Shane and make sure you follow his journey on Social Media.

1.What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

  • My dad played college football, my grandfather played college football as well as one of my uncles. I truly believe football was just embedded in my DNA and culture within my family.

2.What is your typical training routine?

  • I will do strength and explosive training 4 times a week mainly squats, cleans, and plyometrics. I will do speed training about 3 times a week usually prior to my lift. And I do yoga about 2-3 times a week. I also do recovery about 3-4 times a week, like normatec, active stretching, rolling out, and a few other things.

3.If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

  • It’s hard to name just one, but maybe John Randle or Justin Smith, they play a similar style of football that I do, and they both are extremely intense, I think it’d be fun to pick their brain.

4.Rank focus,footwork and skill. Based on what is most important to you and why?

  • I think skill is the most important because the higher the level you get the better the athletes you face, so your skill has to be grooved. Then I’d say focus. I’d also say footwork is a part of the skill, especially for a defensive lineman.

5.What sets you apart from other defensive lineman?

  • I have an elite get-off and strength at the point of attack and that’s hard to find. I make plays and get off blocks with ease, and I am relentless, I love downfield tackles and forcing fumbles to make a big play. And I am a very quick and skilled pass rusher.

6.What should we know about Brady Opp the person?

  • I am 6’2 297 lbs, with 32-inch arms. I run a 1.6 10 yd dash. I can hang clean 425 lbs and I can squat 650 lbs. While I train I do freelance digital marketing for companies. And I write songs and can sing a little bit!

7.What are you looking forward to in the rest of your football career?

  • I’m looking forward to just being a dominant and disruptive force, and meeting new people along the way.

8.What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

  • Intensity, I will bring a fire to the defense and my level of play will bring others to play at a higher level.

9.What do you love about the game of football?

  • Just the sheer raw emotion it brings, the contact, the violence, and the relationships and friendships you build along the way…. There’s truly nothing like it.

10.What would a team get in a player like you?

  • They would say this guy is a nonstop force, he’s relentless and just loves the game. And a fun guy in the locker room.

11.How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

  • Well, I believe football can teach you a lot about life and how to handle adversities either in the sport we play or in everyday life. I handle it calmly, collected, and focused.

12.What are your favorite moments from your football life?

  • Winning my high school state championships and my college playoff runs.


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