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Texas defensive line coach Bo Davis goes off on players after a loss to Iowa State | Is he wrong, or should he be promoted?

Bo Davis
I am sorry but I feel Bo Davis pain. I think the man has passion, obviously the players on Texas do not, or at least a few don’t.

Bo Davis was fed up after losing to Iowa State this past weekend and he should have been upset. Someone on the bus recorded the video and it leaked out to the media. Davis went off, and was pissed. I think this is what they call locker room talk, and he is trying to fire up his team, but is also disappointed in the way they played. Here is what was said.

“S***’s real!” Davis says on the video. “Some of you motherf***ers need to get in the transfer portal! You wanna go? Get in the motherf***er! This s*** ain’t a game to me! If you think it’s a game, get the f*** off of this bus!”

There’s more — “I got my ass kicked and you motherf***ers wanna laugh?!? S***’s f***in’ real! You think it’s a goddamn joke?!?”

“And, some of you motherf***ers do transfer out this motherf***er because I’m tired of this s***! This s***’s goddamn real! And, we wanna laugh and joke?!? F*** that!”

I am with Quandre Diggs who said “whoever recorded the video of Coach Bo need to be gone plain and simple”. I have been on a team bus when our team just got spanked and our players were laughing or having a good time. When you are a in a coaches role he has to win or else he loses his job. I would be pissed too. Many are saying he should be fired, while some are saying he is right. What do you think?


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