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The Most Famous Sponsors Of National Football League Clubs

Today we are going to reveal the biggest sports team sponsorship deals or better said the most popular and the most appealing brands in American Football. It is going to be a wonderful journey. We are going to touch Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers and so much more. If you like American football this is a page for you. These companies make it all possible and they make the game more thrilling and more special. As such we can add that they are special as well.


This is one of those companies we all know about. It is responsible for massive team sponsorship that is valued at $300 million and is active until 2023. At the moment the main goal here is to introduce 5G to all the stadiums in the country. This is a huge benefit and perk to all national football teams and something that will make the situation even better and more appealing. Just to add, Verizon is a telecommunications giant from the United States. In addition they also promote mobile streaming of the matches and NFL in general. Sports have a huge role in sponsoring.


Their contract is valued at $120 million and it is impressive. This is one of the NFL sponsors we all like. They provide kits for all 32 teams in the NFL. Each NFL team can be seen wearing NIKE and now you know the reason. Anyway, this sponsor is also present in NBA and MBA so you can see their involvement in a regular season and among NFL players. All NFL teams can get the perk. We must also add that the  money’s impact on the NFL makes the sport even more popular and common. This can be seen with the Super Bowl and in some areas such as Los Angeles. Each football club is special and well-known across the world.


The contract started in 2002 and it is going to last for 17 years. This is one of NFL sponsorship deals that is massive. The value is $100 million. All football clubs can get the perk and they will wear the Pepsi logo. There is no need to add that this brand is special and the company is a direct rival to Coca Cola. Anyway, Pepsi will use the soccer league to promote different products. You can see the name on any stadium and all throughout the season. Media loves this and fans share the same perk. These days this very brand or better said PepsiCO is one of the largest companies in the world. This is something that each business wants to be, obviously.

Caesars Entertainment

If you don’t know what this name means, you should go to Vegas. It is linked to the best and the best hotel in the state and probably in the world. Well, they are also a part of sponsorships in the league. The contract is valued at $30 million. It doesn’t sound like much but it is still one of the best we were able to see. Anyway, the goal here is to say thanks for all the betting the s are getting. See, when the sport is popular, betting on it is more popular as well. You can see that on each stadium and anywhere you like on the web. As such, it is no wonder why this group will want to become a part of this massive sport thrill.

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If you don’t know this brand specializes in making sport-related equipment. But, they are focused mostly on eyewear. You can see them in Las Vegas and on the Washington football team. In other words, they have been a sponsor in the league and the contract is estimated at $75 million. In addition, each player must wear their visor. We already know that the visors are well-made and they are some of the best when it comes to official options in the season. All we can add is that we are going to seу Oakley in the NFL season more often than you may believe. This is a good thing and especially appealing if you like this name.

Gateways Casinos & Entertainment

Gateways Casinos & Entertainment is another of many names we can add to the list right here. They are responsible for sponsorship in Canada. They also offer the app which can be used for all the things you like such as betting, streaming and more. The contract is valued at $12 million and it is still one of the best and the highest of them all. It is also one of the best-known among bettors and gamblers from all over the globe.

The Final Word

Each sponsor of the NFL will get so much. They can enjoy more popularity and the fact they are a part of something special and massive. This sport is one of the best in the world and one that can make a massive difference. On the other hand teams get more money to invest and master the game. They can become better and more suitable for new athletes. It is a win-win combination and something we all like. You have to agree on that. On the other hand, we don’t have any downsides or issues.


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