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NFL Picks, Predictions, and Fantasy Football Sleepers for Week 5 of the NFL

Picks and Predictions
NFL Draft Diamonds presents our Picks, Predictions and Fantasy Sleepers

The NFL is finally back, and there are some great games in week 3. We have some wild predictions in week 3, let’s see what we come up with and see how great we do this year. Last year, we had a fairly modest win total, but this year will be the year. Let’s see if we can continue our hot streak.


  • Rams v. Seahawks
  • Jets v. Falcons
  • Packers v. Bengals
  • Lions v. Vikings
  • Broncos v. Steelers
  • Dolphins v. Buccaneers
  • Saints v. Washington
  • Eagles v. Panthers
  • Titans v. Jaguars
  • Patriots v. Texans
  • Bears v. Raiders
  • Browns v. Chargers
  • Giants v. Cowboys
  • 49ers v. Cardinals
  • Bills v. Chiefs
  • Colts v. Ravens


  1. Bills get a huge win against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills defense finally get the job done against Mahomes and company. Tyreek Hill has a huge game but the Chiefs turn the ball over in the final minute and the Bills hold on for the W.
  2. Panthers and Sam Darnold get the job done against Philly. The Eagles move the ball but the Panthers get the win. Sam Darnold continues to impress throwing for 355 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  3. Falcons win in overtime against the Jets. The Jets are finally playing hard. They get a huge play on special teams near the end of the game but cannot get any points. The Falcons hold on to squeeze by the Jets.

Fantasy Sleepers

  1. Dak Prescott has himself a day. The Cowboys beat up on the Giants and Prescott throws five touchdowns. The Cowboys get a huge NFC East win.
  2. Raiders and Derek Carr get a huge win against the Bears. Khalil Mack though has himself a day against his former team. Mack finishes the game with 3 sacks.
  3. Chargers and Justin Herbert shock the banged up Cleveland Browns. Herbert looks great and finishes with 355 yards passing and 4 touchdowns.


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