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Is Ed Orgeron girlfriends why he is out after this year at LSU? It sure sounds like it

Coach Orgeron

LSU announced this week that they are parting ways with Ed Orgeron after the season. This is very odd, and usually does not happen when a coach takes his team to the National Championship.

According to The Athletic, Brody Miller reported that Orgeron was accused of hitting on the pregnant wife of an LSU official at a gas station.

Well that is not the only problem though. According to WBRZ, Oregeron has his girlfriends interfering with his practices.

With regards to Orgeron’s personal life bleeding into his coaching life, sources also tell @WBRZ that there were multiple practices where “girlfriends” would be in attendance at prax and would “interfere”. To the degree of children of the women taking part in drills with team.

— Matt Trent (@MCTrent23) October 17, 2021

Coach O, filed for a divorce in April of 2020, and the two have been married for 23 years before that. It sounds like Coach O is going to get a huge buyout from LSU.

Could another school come knocking? Maybe USC…..


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