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Texans are keeping Deshaun Watson away from their team, that is smart because the Texans looked good

Deshaun Watson NFL Texans nfl draft
The Texans are making a smart move by keeping Deshaun Watson away from the facility. The Packers should do the same thing with Aaron Rodgers.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Houston Texans are keeping Deshaun Watson away from the other players. He’s still working out at the facility every day, but he’s separated from the rest of the team. This is a smart move, especially when you look at the Aaron Rodgers situation.

Aaron Rodgers was benched today and looked horrible in his opening game. You are probably asking me how I can compare the two, but let me try to patch this together. The Packers administration fell into the trap of Rodgers and now they are putting their jobs on the line. The Packers looked like crap today, and guess what was shown before the Packers game? There was an interview about how Aaron Rodgers was treated. How he felt about the team. I mean this cannot be good for morale.

The Texans on the other hand ran by former Patriots executive Nick Caserio are doing things differently. According to Glazer, they are keeping Watson away from the team. This is the right thing to do. Today, Tyrod Taylor and the Texans marched up and down the field against Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars and punched them in the mouth. The Texans have not made this year about their star quarterback.

Instead, they prepared without him. Watson wants to be traded, and the Texans want to trade him. Watson is content to be paid to not play, and the Texans are content to pay him to not play.

While they wait though, they are not going to let him be a distraction. I love it, you can think it is a bad move but this is the right thing to do. The Packers could learn a thing or two from the Texans. If the Packers were smart they would start Jordan Love next week. The player that prepared all summer to play, not the player throwing their team and management under the bus.

I mean this tweet sums it up best.


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