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Were the 49ers ever really looking at Mac Jones? Or is he the next Ryan Nassib?

Mac Jones Alabama NFL Draft 2021
Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is a big time player with a big time arm. I feel the Bama gunslinger is solid, but I do not see him being selected in the top 5 picks.

Before the NFL Draft process started, no one had Mac Jones in the first round. Then all the sudden he went from a 2nd to 3rd round pick to the potential third overall pick. Mac Jones did not do anything that really separated himself from the other prospects. His pro day was average, and he had a solid career at Alabama, but man people were hyping him up a lot.

A matter of fact, everyone was pounding the table saying Mac Jones was being considered as the third overall pick. I think that was the smoke they wanted to send. I think the Niners may have put out that crazy information to get people sweating, but really it was to evaluate Trey Lance and Justin Fields better. They were able to see both quarterbacks and have worked out both recently.

I honestly, do not believe the Mac Jones hype. I remember a few years ago, everyone was talking about Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. I mean there were articles, asking if Nassib was worth the first overall pick in the NFL draft.

It all started when, Nassib’s Syracuse Orange beat Geno Smith and West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl. Smith finished the game 19 of 28 for 201 yards and two TDs with no INTs. Nassib was 11 of 23 for 130 yards, two TDs and one INT. The difference in the game was that the Orange were able to rush for 369 yards as a team. After that game people began talking about Nassib as if he was the next big time QB. Similar to what happened with Mac Jones this year.

The difference between Mac Jones and Nassib is Mac is pretty good. The wild thing is Nassib would end up going in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft to the GIants. He would end up being out the league after a short stint with the Jaguars and Saints by 2017.

I truly doubt the Niners were ever in on Mac Jones, but hey it was fun while it lasted.


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