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Raiders sign former Ravens wide receiver Willie Snead

Las Vegas Raiders sign former Ravens wide receiver Willie Snead today to a one-year deal. Snead with join John Brown and several solid players on the Raiders team.

By: @NFLHeads2020

    One of the best wideouts left in free agency is off the board, former Ravens and Saints wide receiver Willie Snead has just signed with the Las Vegas Raiders, where he will play alongside Henry Ruggs, Hunter Renfrow, John Brown, and Bryan Edwards. 

    I am a little confused on what his role with this team is going to be, the Raiders clearly want to develop the young talent they have in Ruggs, Renfrow, and Edwards, and have the sturdy veteran that they need in John Brown. So what does that leave for Willie Snead, a veteran backup who is a good complementary receiver.

    Snead has been a nice player for the past few seasons that he has been in the NFL, his beginnings were actually with the Cleveland Browns. Snead was signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent from Ball State, and then signed with the Panthers in the same offseason after being cut before the season. His Panthers tenure showed similar success, and he ended up with the New Orleans Saints to start the season.

    From there his career took form, although Snead spent his first season (2014) as a practice squad player, his 2015 season took off with 984 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns. Snead has pretty much stayed at this exact same level for his entire career, he is versatile and modestly fast, and has good enough hands. If you’ll notice, those are not exactly the descriptions you’d give to a Julio Jones or a Stefon Diggs.

    This is a confusing signing, and I am smelling a massive drop in Snead’s production in 2021. That does not mean he will be bad, but it might mean he has a much smaller role than in New Orleans, or even Baltimore.


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