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NFLHeads Interviews Free Agent TE Kalias Robertson

Kalias Robertson has had a wild journey but he continues to work for an opportunity. Check out his interview with NFLHeads!

By: NFLHeads2020

What is the most passionate part of football for you?

Kalias is always dedicated to his practice time and taking advantage of the opportunities in practice to study plays, practice hard, study film and Improve his game.

What do you think sets you apart from other tight ends in the draft/free agent market?

Kalias is a pass-catching TE with great speed and being able to get away from defenders and use speed as leverage above defenders. As a 237lb. TE he has to use his strength and speed to one up his defenders. Kalias also mentioned that he is really good at giving himself separation from defenders to create space and make plays. 

Was there an NFL athlete you have looked up to in your career?

Delanie Walker has been in contact with Kalis before and helped Kalias improve his game. Being at Alabama A&M never gave him enough recognition that he wanted, and Delanie Walker was able to do just that. After chatting with one of his fellow NFL friends Kalias was able to improve his game and understand what all Delanie does that makes him so good on the professional level. Vernon Davis is one of Kalias’ favorites because they have the same body frame and Kalias models his game after a TE with great mentality and playmaking abilities. 

Is there a teammate or coach that has made a lasting impact on your career?

Coach Amby Fuller was Kalias’ TE coach in college. Coach Amby played TE at Auburn in college and has helped to teach Kalias some of his moves as well as prepping him for games and be ready to block for his QB and make plays off the catch. Coach Amby has really helped work with him individually to improve his game and allow for Kalias to follow his footsteps. 

If you have your choice of which NFL team you could play for, who would it be?

Happy with any opportunity to play for an NFL team. Kalias Wants to play for 49ers, because of George Kittle and how he can move around the field. Kalias loves the opportunity to try new positions and he even played a little FB, HB and slot receiver before joining the free agency. Kalias is great at making plays and running routes and wants to learn from one of the best so he can make himself a name in the NFL. 

What specific role do you see yourself in on an NFL team?

“Don’t say much, but work hard.” Given the opportunity to play special teams and make the block or tackle. Kalias takes advantage of every opportunity by making plays anywhere on the field especially with his love for special teams in college.

What is the most important part of being a player to you?

Character. Great character helps build team chemistry. No one wants someone with bad character because that leads to bad locker rooms and bad relationships with coaches, staff and teammates. Kalias made the comparison that being a good teammates comes with good character. Being able to hold your team accountable on and off the field and treat people well leads to good relationships. As Kalias says, “football is more than just a game.”

What was the most impactful game you have ever played in?

Alabama State is a rivalry game for Alabama A&M. This game motivated him because he saw his friends,family and lots of fans there to cheer him on. Kalias always made plays, listened to his coaches and depended on his coaches to help him out. One particular moment Kalis thought of was when he converted a 2pt conversion. “The Quarterback lined up, sent Kalias in motion, Kalias fakes a block and slides into the flat! He caught the ball! He caught the ball! Kalias has tied the game and will send it to overtime!” This moment really cheered up Kalias and helped prove that he put his team on the back and hoisted them to a win.. 

What do you want your football legacy to be?

Worked for everything he had. On his twitter page or instagram, Kalias wants to prove how much he put in work and made plays. This is especially important because of his efforts to take advantage of every opportunity, overcome an injury and use motivation to progress his skills in the game and express his love for football. Kalias is a lovable man who will always take the opportunity given and works for everything he has even if it is 10% of the snaps. Kalias strives to build a name for himself and prove that he is worth the time and worth the money to put a team on his back and carry them to a win.


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