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High School Prospect Interview: Jack Jordan, QB, Brook Hill High School (TX)

Jack Jordan Brook Hill High School NFL Draft
Brook Hill High School Quarterback Jack Jordan is a 6’4 junior with a big arm. The Bullard, Texas native recently sat down with NFLHeads for this exclusive interview.

By: NFLHeads2020

What is the most passionate part of football for you?

Jack Jordan is a Quarterback for Brook Hill High School in Bullard, TX. During the interview he made it known that the most passionate part of football was the comradery with his teammates and just the special memories he has made with his teammates both on and off the field.

What do you think sets you apart from other quarterbacks as a High School Recruit?

Jack wants the scouts to know that he has a major commitment to the game. As the NCAA is a big marketing deal he wants to make sure he soaks up every moment he can and not get the mistakes get to his head. As a well-rounded quarterback, he wants to show everyone how mobile he is at his position as well as the leader perspective he brings to a team.

Was there an NFL athlete you have looked up to in your career?

Jack is a big fan of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. He knows how effortless they make plays look and looks up to them when it is time to prepare for games and showcase his skills on the field. 

Is there a teammate or coach that has made a lasting impact on your career?

Scott Ryle is the Brook Hill Football head coach. Coach Scott is always willing to meet with Jack and watch film with him and make sure he improves his skills. Jack loves how open his coach is to helping him improve his game and make him the best player Jack Jordan can be. 

If you have your choice of which NFL team you could play for, who would it be?

Jack has been a huge Panthers fan since the day he fell in love with football. After chatting with him about the Panthers quarterback position, he told me that he would like for the team to draft a quarterback and give Teddy Bridgewater the solid backup position. As a quarterback he models his game after big quarterbacks and loves just how mobile and reliant some of these guys are in the NFL, just like the 2021 QB Draft class.

What specific role do you see yourself in on an NFL team?

Jack wants to be a leader. He wants to use his throwing ability to extend plays and make efforts to better himself as well as the team in the film room. As a quarterback, Jack understands that being vocal and building bonds in the locker room is a top priority to team success. 

What is the most important part of being a player to you?

Jack noted that being able to extend the play as well as make a play is one of the key factors to success in today’s game. Guys like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and others are great examples of quarterbacks who are able to scramble outside the pocket and still hit the men streaking downfield. As a quarterback he wants to show people how to keep the play alive and to loosen up on the field. He finds that unsuccessful quarterbacks play too robotically and don’t make the plays like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady do.

What was the most impactful game you have ever played in?

While Jack couldn’t think of a game that stood out to him, he found the game against his rival very appealing. Even though they didn’t come out on top, he put this game in the back of his head and studied film on it to make sure he could make the plays the next time he stepped on that field. Jack also told me that he put everything on the field and understood that leaving all his efforts on the field was the most impactful part of the game.

What do you want your football legacy to be?

Jack is a competitor. Even though he may not have the best offensive line or the best receivers, he wants to show the fans that he competed every single game and gave everything he could to the team. 


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