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Ravens LB Matt Judon threatens to post photos of ESPN reporter at a Strip Club after social media disagreement

Matt Judon Jamison Hensley beef
Ravens pass rusher and ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley are beefing. It sounds like an apology could be coming, or we will see photos of a reporter cheating on his wife.

Ravens linebacker Matt Judon is not very happy with ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley, and it ended up pouring into Twitter and Instagram.

Hensley posted an article on ESPN posting the question, Can the Ravens afford to keep Matthew Judon or Yannick Ngakoue?

Well he would end up pissing off the former Division 2 pass rusher.

Judon took shots though, as you can see. In red he says, Say sorry or I’m a tell your wife you cheating on her, OUCH.

Judon continued.

I am not sure about you, but this is insane. Matt Judon is upset but I am not sure this is the way you should handle it.


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