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5 NFL Teams that NEED Alabama’s Heisman Winning WR DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith became the first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy since Desmond Howard and these five teams could use his services.

By: NFLHeads

    One big surprise to recently surface is the emergence of Alabama receiver DeVonta Smith as a Heisman winner. Heisman winners have on and off success in the NFL, the list features names such as Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III, but it features names such as Derrick Henry and Kyler Murray, both of whom are rapidly becoming rising stars in the NFL. Smith will be featured in the NFL Draft this year, and there are plenty of teams that have high positions that are in need of a great receiver. So let’s begin.

  1. Atlanta Falcons

This is supplemented by the belief that Julio should be traded in the offseason, his play is starting to fall off and I believe it is a great idea to get the best value while he is still good enough to warrant a second, or maybe even a first round pick. With that being said, that would leave the Falcons with Russell Gage with their second receiver, which would really suck. DeVonta Smith will be a great addition if the Falcons do decide to move on from Jones, and I think the Falcons should consider him with the fourth overall pick.

  1. New York Jets

Because the Jets are in such dire straits as far as their quarterback position, it seems unlikely that the Jets will pursue Smith with the second pick, all the same it is worth a look in the draft to try and upgrade the WR position. Having Jamison Crowder is good, but having him as your number one does pose some issues. Smith and Denzel Mims would be a great young pairing to build around in the passing game.

  1. Miami Dolphins

The Eagles love to play the blame game and thrust the responsibility of Carson Wentz’s failure on the lack of surrounding talent. If we are going to use that argument, why the hell are the Dolphins and Tua getting so slammed? Tua has had to spread the receptions to names such as DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant, and Preston Williams. Not exactly the most dominant group in the league, no receiver had more than 800 yards on the season, and the core struggled mightily with injuries. Smith would be the perfect addition to a Dolphins team that is almost there.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

I am pretty sure the official verdict on AJ Green is that he is pretty much finished as a number one, Pro Bowl receiver. DeVonta Smith would be a candidate to adopt that role in Cincinnati, and would be a good complement to Tyler Boyd and John Ross. This would give Joe Burrow a good opportunity to grow as a passer in his second season and would hopefully help the offense move faster than it has in the past.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

The before mentioned Eagles in fairness do have a problem with surrounding talent, don’t get me wrong Travis Fulgham and Greg Ward are fun in their own right, but I think the Eagles are probably looking for someone a little more trusted. The Eagles did not land on their second round draft pick two years ago (JJ Arceaga-Whiteside), and the jury is still out on whether the 2020 pick (Jalen Reagor) can play. DeVonta Smith would be as close as you can get to a lock at receiver in the draft, and would help solidify the offense.


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