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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Oregon State CB Nahshon Wright

Oregon State defensive back Nahshon Wright is a big boy talent that recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds.

Oregon State, defensive back Nahshon Wright, is different. Meaning he isn’t your normal corner, playing college ball. When you watch the former wide receiver play, it is easy to be caught up in his potential. Blessed with great length, great size (6-4 187LBs), and the tools to shut down a receiver on any given Saturday. Along with his physical attributes is a swagger, that the defensive coordinator, love in a defensive back. Not arrogant, but sure of himself, Wright has that certain IT factor, people love. I sat down with the Oregon State, product and picked his brain on his game? What did he bring to a team and its locker room? Who is he outside of football? But before I get to that, I spoke briefly with my scouting source, and asked him his thoughts on the rising star?

“Nahshon has that skill set you look for. At first, you notice his height and his long stride. Then you really dig into his tape and you realize he has a lot to him. Quick twitch, and smooth with his hips. I like that you can put him on a wideout, and forget about him. In the best way possible I mean that. I like that he was a receiver, you can see it in his style of play. He runs routes for some guys, he always seems to be in the right place. You can’t teach instinct and it seems like he has that. Fun guy, plenty of swaggers, and an attitude you like on your guys. I was watching him in week one this year against Washington, he was called for a pass interference right off the bat. It was a bad call, but he didn’t complain or go into a shell. he battled back, had a short memory, and did his job. He can be a success in the NFL, he needs some work, they all do, but he has the potential you like.”

Moving forward, he spoke on his playing style. As well as the player he brings to a team?

“I think as far as my style, you would have to call it aggressive. I like to be in a guy’s face and make him beat me. I won’t give anything away. No cheap stuff. I like to be in man and take away the receiver. Frustrate the offense that way. As well as the player I am for my team, I think I can be a leader. I bring that hard work, and that mentality to get better every day. We talk about it as a group all the time, you know? win that day, be the best version of yourself for that workout. Rather it’s the weight room, or on the practice field. I like to be vocal, and communicate what’s happening. I want to always be that guy that is known for working hard, outworking everyone else. I am not going to be the best, no one is, but I can be the best me. I think taking that approach can get me where I want to be. To be the person I want to be for my team.”

I asked Wright to self-scout. To tell me what he thought he needed to work on the most?

“Man, everything really. I mean I am good at what I do, but even the stuff I do great, I want to keep working on. You can’t be comfortable with where you are as a player. You should always want to sharpen your skills. So that’s what I need to work on, everything” Continuing on he touched on who he was outside of football? “I am just a family guy, you know for me it’s family first. My brother plays at Oregon State, too, so that’s good to have him around. I like to be low-key and just chill really. Nothing too loud or crazy, I am a chilled guy. If I am not training I am training my brain to be ready for a game. I love football, so I am always working or thinking about that.”

Going away I asked the rising star what advice he would give a young player, attempting to play college ball?

” I would say to just win each day. Take every day and work yourself to the bone, really, work your butt off all the time. Be prepared for any situation. you don’t have to just work on your physical traits you know? you have to have the mind and mentality to be successful at this level. I would also say to be yourself and don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something. If you work hard enough, you can be successful.”

I say this at the end of every interview and article. Watch the tape! Honestly watch the kid’s tape, and see what it is I see. Nahshon Wright can be a star, I don’t say that lightly, as I believe my eyes. I see a kid who can play on an island and take away half the field. A guy who isn’t afraid to make contact and help in the run game. I see a kid that can play in man and zone and has the versatility to play in a few spots on the backend. he has the swagger you love, and the tenacity, to be a difference-maker. Watch the tape, trust me.



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