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Draft Buzz: Catching up with University of Washington DT/DE Josiah Bronson

Josiah Bronson Washington
Pass rusher Josiah Bronson is one of the most underrated prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft. He recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter for this exclusive Draft Buzz Interview.

Honestly, writing this interview is a bit different for me. I have personally known, Josiah, and his beautiful family for years. So seeing the young man, he has grown into has been amazing to watch, and watching him play ball on Saturdays, has been eye-opening. On a personal note the kid from Kent, Washington, has always been a well-mannered, funny, and sweet kid, but the monster who puts on that helmet is a whole different person. Built to play across a defensive line at 6’4 285 lbs., Bronson has made a name for himself in the Pac-12, as a wrecking ball. Capable of playing in any spot on the defensive front, Bronson, adds value to a team, known for defensive weapons.

I sat down with the senior, and asked him about the transition process, from Temple University to Washington, and his Versatility across the defensive line. “Honestly, I decided to move from Temple to Washington, so I could be closer to home. Also, I had been injured and I didn’t really play football in almost a year really. So I left to get a second opinion on my injury and started the process of looking for another team. I weighed my options, at the time. Coach (Mike) leach, was at Washington State, I got offered to go play there, and I decided when it was all said and done to play at Washington. I had a chance to walk on and play, and I am sure my family thought I was crazy, but I bet on myself and chose to go home and play in Washington. It was a blessing to be able to play closer to my family. I had wanted to be a Husky, so it really worked out for the best.”

Josiah Bronson Washington

Moving forward, he touched on his versatility, and where he felt the most comfortable on the field. “Man I like playing defense in general. I think being able to play all over the defensive line, will help me at the next level. I really like coming off of the edge, when it is only me and a tackle, one-on-one, and I get to hunt the Quarterback. But I know that I will play where the coach needs me to be, I don’t mind playing anywhere. Right now I am probably playing at 295 maybe, I want to play lighter, maybe 285 so I can have that speed off the edge. Adding speed to my game will be big for me in the future, I think it will help me big time.

I spoke briefly with a source, from the Tennessee Titans, and asked him about versatility at the next level, and specifically how it could help Bronson, as he heads towards the NFL Draft? “Really, being versatile is huge for any player. Being able to add that at this level, is huge for his value. Any players value really. I like Bronson’s tape, he has the size we covet in the NFL, and when you add to that, a kid who can line up all over the defensive front, and you have someone of great value to a team. You never know who and when someone gets hurt, and if you are capable of sliding over and doing something else, on short notice is a real skill. I watched Bronson, get used in a few different places, while I think he needs to get more on tape, the bit I have seen has been good to look at. He can definitely play at the next level. It also doesn’t hurt to have his big brothers, they both played in the NFL, both playing for teams who played in the Super Bowl, they will be great for Josiah to lean on and really learn what it takes to play at the highest level. So you know the kid has great stock, that adds up when you are considering a guy like him.”

The kid from Kentwood, High School, has the size, the tools, and the stock, to be a real monster at the next level. I guess you could say I am a bit biased, but I ask you to put on the tape. A legit standout, amongst players, who are considered fringe first-round talents, Bronson, could be a huge get, for any NFL team, this coming Draft.



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