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Effects of CBD and Why CBD Topicals Don’t Work for Some People

CBD in the NFL Effects of CBD
What are the effects of CBD Oil, and can it work for athletes? Find out more about CBD and the effects here

CBD topicals make up a large part of the CBD market these days. As such, it’s not surprising to learn that an increasing number of people are looking to topical products as an alternative to more traditional CBD methods. 

The phrase “CBD topical” can cover a wide array of different CBD products. In general, topicals are products that are applied to the surface layer of the skin. They can include anything from CBD patches to CBD healing salves.

The best CBD creams on the market provide an effective way for people to experience the true benefits of hemp-derived CBD. However, as with all CBD products, no two people will experience the exact same effects. So, why is it that CBD topicals seem to work perfectly for some people, and then fail to have any effect on others?

What Effects Can You Expect from CBD? 

CBD topicals are mainly used to treat surface-level irritations, as well as inflammation and muscle pain. There have been a number of studies that have shown CBD topicals (such as CBD creams and CBD patches) to be effective at reducing pain. 

The level of effects that you experience will depend on a number of factors, including the strength of the CBD used and how often it is applied.

For most people, CBD topicals are used to treat symptoms relating to joint and muscle pain. For relaxation and calming effects, users would probably want to look at something like a CBD oil or CBD gummies.

The main benefit of choosing to use CBD creams and topicals is that they allow you to target particular areas of the body with an extra CBD dose. Topicals can be useful for those who already take other CBD supplements and are looking to provide limited areas of their body with a little extra touch of CBD. 

Even the Best CBD Cream Might Not Work for Everyone

Not all CBD topicals will work for everyone. Naturally, if you pay top dollar for what’s marketed as the “best CBD cream on the market,” you’ll be left feeling more than a little frustrated if it doesn’t provide any tangible effects.

That being said, there are a few different factors that can contribute to the effects (or lack thereof) that are experienced when using CBD topicals. 

#1: Different CBD Tolerances 

Everyone has a slightly different CBD tolerance, and understanding your body’s tolerance is the key to finding products that work best for you.

Most brands sell their CBD topicals in a range of different strengths. If you are finding a topical not to be having any effects, one option is to try a slightly stronger option. You can also try applying more of your chosen topicals at one time. However, with products such as CBD creams, this can easily leave your skin feeling tacky with cream while also not causing your desired effect. 

#2: CBD vs. Hemp Seed Oil

Not all CBD products are the same. For example, you’ll want to avoid topicals made from hemp seed oil, and opt instead for ones that are made from the aerial parts of hemp (i.e. the leaves and flowers). 

While hemp seed oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, it does not contain the same cannabinoids found within CBD oil extracts. It is worth checking your chosen CBD topicals ingredients to ensure that they actually contain CBD extract. 

Thankfully, it is becoming increasingly common for brands to provide full lab reports for their products. These reports are worth checking, as they will give you a complete cannabinoid breakdown allowing you to see exactly what a topical contains. 

#3: Choosing the Correct CBD Topical 

When it comes to choosing the best CBD topicals, there are so many options that it can sometimes be difficult to know which products are going to provide the results you desire. Finding the best CBD cream will help to ensure that you get the most out of your CBD experience.

Try to stick with CBD topicals that are able to act as alternatives to products that you already use. So, if, for example, you use a face cream every night, try to find one that contains added CBD. By using products that you are already familiar with, you are much more likely to use them correctly and consistently, which in turn is much more likely to yield better results.

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