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Abilene Christian QB Sema’J Davis is in critical condition after a traffic accident

Sema'j Davis Abilene Christian accident
Abilene Christian QB Sema’j Davis was injured badly in a car accident close to the ACU campus. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sema’J Davis, the quarterback of Abilene Christian University, was seriously injured in a crash last week, and still remains in critical but stable condition.

According to the Abilene Police Department, a driver ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle before driving into oncoming traffic and hitting Davis’ car. The report says that Davis was airlifted to a hospital in the Metroplex with serious injuries.

A family friend named Kaylee Nunez updated a GoFundMe page for Davis which has already raised over 40k dollars. She posted this update today.

Sema’j is still in critical condition but he is currently stable. He tested positive for COVID so he is in the COVID unit but the family is able to communicate with him via FaceTime. The injuries he suffered from the accident include a broken femur which has been reset and a broken clavicle that is currently in a sling. The bleeding in his brain has stopped but he is still ventilated and sedated so that his body can heal.

The Davis family is overwhelmed with the amount of love and donations from both Midland and Abilene and feels extremely blessed to have everyone’s prayers. 

Their only request is that we focus on the positive and continue to pray in one accord for Sema’j’s ultimate healing and remain steadfast in support and love for the family since they “have a long road ahead and are in it for the long run until God says different.”

Please be patient and refrain from contacting the family as their phones are their only line of contact with the doctors and Sema’j. Updates will be made as conditions improve and as the family sees fit. This is all the information they would like to give at this time.

We at NFL Draft Diamonds are praying for Sema’j Davis and his family. Please say a prayer for him tonight before going to bed.


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