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Week 3 QB Index; Top 10 has one interesting name

Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys QB Index
Week 3 QB index has Dak Prescott in the top 10, even though he is leading the NFL in passing yards.

By: Josh Shippen, Sid Kalyani

With the dust beginning to settle on the frenzy that is weeks 1 and 2, here we are at week 3, back with a ranking of all QBs that played in week 3

  1. Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson is the greatest quarterback in the league right now. He had 5 touchdowns, and probably could have fit another one in if DK Metcalf hadn’t let the ball get away. I mean come on dude you can’t let that happen.

  1. Aaron Rodgers 

Rodgers cruised away with a win on Sunday, thoroughly outperforming the Saints offense (IE: Alvin Kamara), showing as he always does that he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time even with no Davante Adams.

  1. Patrick Mahomes (+8)

This was the first real “Mahomes” game of 2020. The superstar QB absolutely decimated the Ravens, and look for him to keep coming in clutch in these big games. 

  1. Josh Allen (+2)

Josh Allen continues his hot streak with another stellar performance against the Rams. He was 24/33, 311 yards and 4 touchdowns to keep the Bills undefeated and top of the division. If he keeps playing like this, he will be in the MVP race and the Bills will be a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Lamar Jackson (-2)

Despite Lamar being possibly the best running QB we have ever seen, and despite all his passing ability, Lamar has shown that he will not produce in big spots. Lamar is still incredible, but winning these big games against good teams is crucial to team success!

  1. Cam Newton (+2)

Cam showed great promise in the passing game today, especially for a QB that has been predominant in the run game, and has been rather mediocre as a passer. This Patriots team is ready to be a superpower. Again.

  1. Joe Burrow 

Burrow is looking damn good as a rookie this year. Although the Bengals nearly lost, you have to remember that he is playing under a terrible offensive line, and that he’s a rookie for crying out loud! Burrow has potential to be a top 5 QB by the end of this year.

  1. Ryan Tannehill (-3)

This seems generous for a quarterback whose statline doesn’t exactly look like a top 10 quarterback’s line should, however Tannehill will get love for being able to pull this Titans team out of a deficit to reach 3-0.

  1. Matt Ryan (-5)

Ryan is a great first half QB, but there comes a point where you can’t just blame the defense for blowing games. Ryan has to start coming in clutch to compensate for this awful defense.

  1. Dak Prescott (+6)

Yes Prescott lost, but I do not fault him for this. Russell Wilson is playing in a whole different league than every other quarterback, which makes it easy to overlook the strides that Prescott has made this year.

  1. Jared Goff (+1)

Goff has been playing really good ball lately. He has shown that he can be that guy that wins games, but you can’t win a game on a late 4th down pass interference call. Besides that, Goff is a very good QB and he can take the Rams to the playoffs.

  1. Ben Roethlisberger (+1)

The Steelers are a top 5 team in the AFC (the less talented division to be clear), and look absolutely unstoppable. On defense. Be careful not to overrate this offense which although above average, is not the same as pre-injury Big Ben.

  1. Deshaun Watson (-4)

Watson showed us something on Sunday. The Steelers are an AFC superpower, but Deshaun managed to stay with them toe to toe. Look for the Texans to be around 8-8 and make some strides with this team, directionless as it is.

  1. Nick Foles 

Foles came in and saved the day for a Chicago team that COULD NOT do anything with Trubisky at the controls. Then again, Foles played against the Falcons so it would probably be better if we reserved judgement until he plays a real defense.

  1. Matthew Stafford (+3)

Matthew Staford helped the Lions snap their 11 game losing streak against a very good Cardinals team. Stafford needs to get his team involved more and not blow leads if he wants to show that he is a Franchise QB.

  1. Kyler Murray (-2)

Murray fell apart on Sunday against the Lions, he threw three picks and had another dropped pick. Not every game will be like this, but it was certainly an unimpressive game for Murray.

  1. Tom Brady (+6)

Brady made major improvements on Sunday against an awful Broncos team. But just to be clear, no matter how well he plays we are still staring at a 43 year old quarterback playing for a non-Belichick team for the first time in his long career.

  1. Drew Brees (+2)

It’s possible that Brees gets better while the season gets a little older, but I think it’s infinitely more likely that Brees has reached the end of his years in the NFL as a top 10 QB, and it is time to start talk of Winston or Hill getting decent time at the controls. Brees is missing shots that he would’ve made even two years ago.

  1. Gardner Minshew II (-9)

Minshew Magic will not fizzle out this fast so I wouldn’t worry, but it was still shocking frankly to see Minshew play a game where he looked like he was lost in a wilderness of confusion. Look for Minshew to get right back to convincing the Jags that tanking for Trevor should be no more than an afterthought of a bad dream.

  1. Derek Carr (-3)

We all knew that the Raiders would lose a game this season and Derek Carr looked pretty good out there, but the turnovers is what cost them the game. Derek Carr needs to reduce his turnovers if he is to lead this team to the promised land.

  1. Justin Herbert (-2)

Herbert came down to Earth a little against the Panthers, but he was still plenty effective in his second start. The Chargers should not be worried about sticking with Herbert in the long term.

  1. Philip Rivers (+8)

Do not jump on the Rivers bandwagon, I am begging you. I am going to give you two different sentences, and I want you to think of how they are different. Philip Rivers’ offense scored 36 points. Philip Rivers’ offense scored 36 points on the Jets defense. Let’s wait until Rivers plays a team that isn’t a tomato can.

  1. Baker Mayfield (-1)

Baker had a pretty ok game, but he needs to be able to win against all teams, not just bad ones. He has the potential, his backfield may be the best this year, and his WR corp is nasty, but he needs to find a way to have everyone involved.

  1. Nick Mullens (+5)

Nick Mullens didn’t look that bad, in fact he looked great, against the Saquon Barkley-less Giants. We all saw what happened when Mullens played the year Jimmy G had his ACL injury, and I believe from that experience, Mullens will be able to hold the ship long enough until Jimmy G gets back from injury.

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick (-4)

We addressed this in the week 1 QB index, but Fitzpatrick just does this kind of thing. He will have some weeks where he throws three touchdowns, and other weeks where he throws three picks. Just a matter of time before the bridge becomes unnecessary, and Tua becomes the starter.

  1. Teddy Bridgewater (+5)

Bridgewater looked better this week against a pretty good Chargers defense. I wouldn’t expect Teddy to move up much higher than we have him here, but as long as he doesn’t kill them I would count this as a win for the Panthers, at least in the short term.

  1. Mitch Trubisky

We all knew this would happen at some point in time. Mitch Trubisky would be benched because of his poor performance and Nick Foles would take over, which he did and he played pretty good. The question now is if Foles plays this good, what will happen to Trubisky?

  1. Carson Wentz (-4)

I get that the Eagles didn’t lose, but tying against the Bengals offense is still pretty disappointing, and Wentz was not the primary reason that they were even close to staying in this game.

  1. Dwayne Haskins (-5)

Haskins is a bust, and it’s time to think of giving him some serious bench time. The young QB threw three picks against the Browns, and the run defense practically invited Chubb and Hunt into the end zone.

  1. Daniel Jones (-2)

I say this every time, but there isn’t a great way to analyze Jones because frankly he hasn’t had an NFL roster to play with in his whole career. 2021 will be a better representation of just what Jones can be capable of, assuming the front office builds a good team around him.

  1. Kirk Cousins (+1)

I don’t care how many touchdowns he has thrown, or how close Sunday’s game looked, Cousins looks absolutely terrible. He has no clutch ability whatsoever, and should be considered a failed experiment by this front office if this kind of play continues

  1. Sam Darnold (+1)

Well, the Jets are still the worst team in the NFL and Darnold is still the worst QB. If he doesn’t find a way to win against the injury-riddled Broncos, he is going to have to leave ASAP.

  1. Jeff Driskel (-8)

Driskel is an epic snoozefest, and the Broncos are not going to be making any forward progress with him. 

  1. Brett Rypien

Rypien is nothing special, but that’s no surprise. Look for Bortles to come in week 4 if the Broncos choose not to go with Driskel.


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