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Week 2 QB Index, Josh Allen has a huge jump after beating Dolphins

Josh Allen MVP
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has owned the Miami Dolphins in his young career and he blasted them again jumping into the top ten of the QB Index.

By: Josh Shippen, Sid Kalyani

Week 2. The ultimate stomping of narratives from week one has come and gone, and taken a few players with it. Here we follow up on week 1 QB rankings. Who’s up, and who’s down?


  1. Russell Wilson (+1)

Yes I get that the Seahawks were one play away from losing this game, But Russ threw for 5 touchdowns on Sunday, with only one pick!! Talk about mass production, this offense is just going to walk on anybody in their way

  II.    Elite

  1. Aaron Rodgers (-1)

Boy I would not want to be a defensive coordinator facing Aaron Rodgers now. He has shown us that he can be elite throwing the ball, and also allowing his teammates to be elite also.

  1. Lamar Jackson

However not surprising it is nowadays, Lamar will just do Lamar things. His yardage doesn’t look too big, but he is still one of the greatest in the game, it just means he doesn’t have to carry his team

  1. Matt Ryan (+2)

Truly incredible how on a day where Matt Ryan was an absolute god, throwing 4 touchdowns and no picks, the defense and special teams still found a way to screw everything up.

  1. Ryan Tannehill (+12)

4 touchdowns and no interceptions was enough to outscore a whitehot Jaguars team. What was that about a massive recession from Tannehill?

  1. Josh Allen (+4)

The Bills identity for the past two years has been defense carries while offense struggles and Allen misses key throws. Not so with Allen, look for him to be a frontrunner in the MVP race.

  1. Joe Burrow (+18)

Joe Burrow is showing that in the first two weeks, he can keep up with No. 1 overall pick status, but you’re not going to win by throwing 60+ passes in a game.

  1. Cam Newton 

Cam Newton has shown us that maybe, just maybe, the New England Patriots don’t need Tom Brady to win. Yes they lost, but they lost on the last play, but cam had 397 yards passing, and 47 on the ground with 2 touchdowns.

  lll.  Very Good

  1. Deshaun Watson (-2)

Watson had himself a pretty good game against the Ravens, but the problem was that he was facing the Ravens. If Watson doesn’t get himself a WR1 soon, the Texans are not going to be a threat to anyone.

  1.  Gardner Minshew (+3)

Minshew Mania still continues to show the Jaguars organization that they don’t need to tank for Trevor [Lawrence], but he needs to take care of the ball.

  1.  Patrick Mahomes (-7)

People will of course honk about Mahomes being disrespected on this list, but the fact is that for three quarters, the best team in the NFL was being beaten by Justin Herbert. Mahomes did pull the Chiefs out of there slump with some absolutely crazy plays, but throughout this season Mahomes has not been the driving force of this team

  1.  Jared Goff (+4)

Goff was ripping apart the Eagles defense, 20/27 267 yards and 3 touchdowns show us that Goff can lead the Rams back to the Super Bowl if he continues to play like this. 

  1.  Ben Roethlisberger (-8)

Roethlisberger looked fine against the Broncos, but the defense is the reason this team is such an AFC juggernaut (and because the AFC stinks), not Big Ben.

  1.  Kyler Murray (-3)

Murray was pretty dang good, but he did play against the Washington Football Team, which is not exactly the highest order ever. No disappointments so far but let’s wait it out, we didn’t exactly get a week 1 offensive performance that knocked us out.

  1.  Jimmy Garoppolo (-2)

In a game where Jimmy G literally could not move because of his injury, he still threw for 14/16, 131 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Despite what you hear, Jimmy G is vital to this 49ers offense, Kyle Shanahan has a 22-5 record with Jimmy G.

  1.  Dak Prescott (-4)

Wow. Dak Prescott had one heck of a game. Not only did he have 450 yards passing, he led his team to come back from 20-0 in the first quarter to embarrass the Falcons. Then again, it was the Falcons so we could’ve counted on Jeff Tuel to pass for 450 yards.

  1.  Derek Carr (-2)

Derek Carr showed us that the Las Vegas Raiders are here to play. 3 touchdowns against the Saints defense shows us that he has potential.

  1.  Matthew Stafford (+5)

Matthew Stafford continues to be stuck on an identity free time that refuses to show if they have any strengths, and Matthew Stafford continues to be the same above average quarterback that seems to pull this Lions team out of 3-13 every year.

  1.  Justin Herbert 

The Justin Herbert hype train has officially left at a roaring speed from the station, and I am going to order a front seat ticket. He made a rookie mistake or two but that’s expected from his FIRST START.

  1.  Drew Brees (-11)

This offense with Brees looks much too boring than they should, even with Michael Thomas out. Drew Brees could not get anything sparked on offense, and had a nasty interception on Monday to solidify the Raiders’ win.

  IV.  Average

  1.  Ryan Fitzpatrick (+11)

Fitzpatrick didn’t look that bad against the Bills, but with an offensive line like the Dolphins, he is going to have to do more in order to win close games like this week.

  1.  Baker Mayfield (+9)

Before you hop back on the Browns bandwagon, calm down, take a deep breath, and give yourself a reality check. At this same time last year, the Browns got a W against the Ravens (quarterbacked by some schmuck named Lamar Jackson), and proceeded to go 6-10. One white hot week for a quarterback that has proved he is wildly inconsistent means nothing

  1.  Tom Brady (-4)

Ah yes, Mr. Tom Brady, having himself an average game. He did ok with his stats, and his defense was the main part of their win, but I believe that Brady will continue to get comfortable with the Bucs playbook and one week, look like the Patriots Tom Brady.

  1.  Carson Wentz (-6)

Now what the heck is going on? Carson Wentz is costing his team games with his turnovers, and if this keeps going on, he might have to be ready to be a benchwarmer.

  1.  Jeff Driskel

When Driskel first came on to replace Drew Lock, he didn’t look so great, but his second half performance was something to look at. He almost led the Broncos to win against a Steelers team that has a chance of winning the Super Bowl.

  1.  Dwayne Haskins (-2)

Like last week, Dwayne Haskins had ok stats, but the Washington defense got destroyed by the Cardinals. Haskins has to be able to play at a top level for his team to win, because he can’t rely on the defense every week.

  1.  Mitch Trubisky (+2)

Trubisky has one game’s worth of acceptable play over a two game span. That, for now, will be enough to help Trubisky hold on to the starting job for at least a few weeks, but don’t look for him to stay all 16 games. At least he has a tomato can defense in the Falcons to look forward to next week

  1.  Daniel Jones (-2)

Oh well, Daniel Jones was not looking very good against the Bears, and now with Saquon Barkley out for the season, he has to improve his game if the Giants are even going to have a chance of winning games.

  1.  Nick Mullens

Mullens continues to show us what we already know, in a Shanahan system he is an average, maybe slightly above average QB. Don’t look for a Cinderella run for Mullens with such a damaged team as the 49ers.

   V. QB Room on Life Support

  1.  Phillip Rivers (-3)

Rivers must really have a phobia of the 5 yard line, because that’s where he throws all of his interceptions

  1.  Teddy Bridgewater (-9)

Time heals some football problems, I’d count on some better play from Bridgewater as he and Matt Rhule solidify what they want their offense to really look like.

  1.  Kirk Cousins (-12)

Oh goodness… I think the best stat I heard that pretty much wraps up how Cousins did is that Stefon Diggs had more yards than the entire Vikings offense.

  1.  Sam Darnold (-3)

This is such an unfair team for Darnold to be on. The Jets are stupid injured, and have possibly the worst head coach in the NFL right now in the drivers seat. In addition, management will continue to give us a waterfall of mediocrity as far as players are concerned. Look for this team to move on from Darnold and draft Trevor Lawrence or Trey Lance in the first round.

  1.  Drew Lock (-13)

Being in the Life Support tier is not an understatement. Throwing 1/5 for 20 yards and being injured with a torn rotator cuff. With Lock out, there are going to be problems for the Broncos.


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