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These NFL fan bases need to relax it has only been two weeks

Eagles fans need to relax
Eagles fans need to take a second and just relax.

Green Bay Packers, QB Aaron Rodgers might have said it best, a few years back. “R.E.L.A.X” One word is all that was needed. Here we are at the start of week 3, and some fan bases need to calm down, and just relax. First of all, no team is going to go 16-0, at least it’s highly unlikely. So despite the slow start of these teams, it is still too early to start losing your mind. Stop calling for your team to tank, and relax! Anything could happen.

So with that said, I decided to single out a few fan bases that I believe should wait a few weeks, before passing judgment. Things can turn in the quickest of moments, and it is way too early to lose it.

Philadelphia Eagles fans!

Calm down. I have spent the last couple days, talking down a few different fans, after another bad showing by the Birds. It was hard to watch this past week, as the Los Angeles Rams, came into the linc (Lincoln Financial), and ran up and down the field, on the way to a 37-19 shellacking. After it was all said and done birds fans watched as the Rams took apart the Eagles, shoving them into the abyss that we know as 0-2. Despite the embarrassment, things are not as bad as they seem. Few bright spots came out of this game. The sack party the Washington Football Team, had in week one, had fans very nervous as Aaron Donald, came marching into Philly. The good news is, he hardly got a sniff of Carson Wentz. The Eagles Offensive line looked to of gotten the issues of week one fixed. Coming along with a fixed O-line, was a run game. Second-year RB Miles Sanders, finally healthy enough to play, rushed for 95 yards, and 37 yards in the air, including 1 TD. The biggest complaint has been QB Carson Wentz, and rightfully so, but like I said it is way too early to freak out. With no real off-season, Wentz has looked flat since the second half of week 1. Every QB is different, and while some have seemed to look great, Wentz hasn’t, causing concern. Give it time, it will be ok if Doug Pederson and the Eagles have proven over the last few years, is they are extremely resilient. Week 3 offers a legit opportunity for the Eagles to bounce back, and literally be tied for first place in the NFC East. Which brings me to my last point, the East has and seems to still be, pretty weak. As a whole, the teams have combined for an abysmal 2-6. So, relax, it will be ok.

Minnesota Vikings Fans

Chill out guys, it’s going to be ok. Despite being taken apart the last two weeks, it is way too early too panic. I know Vikings fans have gotten use to being the bully, and not so much the bullied, but thing’s look bleak. Two losses in a row, injuries to arguably your best players defensive players (Anthony Barr, Danielle Hunter). The trade sending WR Stefon Diggs, away to Undefeated Buffalo (Bills) has backfired, just ask Josh Allen. So it has all seem to come crashing down. But I am here to give you some good news. First, your leadership is still standing strong, and coach Mike Zimmer, knows how to weather these storms. He has been through a lot of adversity over his years, and understands that is way too early to freak out over a slow start. Secondly, you have a legit franchise QB in Kirk Cousins. Despite how you feel about Cousins, love him or hate him, he deserves the benifit of the doubt. As he has shown week in and week out that he can lead his team, on a real run. Third, the defense, despite the injury, has the players and the tools to be dominant again. Give it time. Lastly… is only week 3….CALM DOWN!

Houston Texans fans

Guys, I have said a few times already, but I will say it again, calm down. Over the past two weeks, the Houston Texans, have watched as the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs, walked all over the team. Defensively they have struggled to stop anyone, and offensively they have struggled to make much of an impact. Honestly, of the three teams I decided to talk about, this team is the one I am the least worried about. First of all, it was the Ravens and Chiefs, tons of teams lose to those two, so falling to them isn’t anything to write home about. Led by third super-star QB Deshaun Watson, the Texan offense, could catch fire at any moment. Despite trading away arguably the best WR in the NFL, the Texans, are still loaded with talent. As well as the other side of the ball. JJ Watt, is still there, leading a tough defense. Strong up the middle, this defense has the tools to take over a game and spark a legit bounce back. I say give it time, it is only week 3, and with the girth of talent leading this team, it is possible they go on a run, putting them back on top in the AFC.


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