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What’s in the Pipeline for NFL this 2020/2021 Season?

For many who are familiar with NFL football, it is the most combative and entertaining sport on the planet. That combativeness also means that the current situation which holds that physical distancing is adhered to is not conducive. During the 2020 season, players were given the option to sit-out games. This was due largely in part to the Covid-19 situation, which of course made it almost impossible for teams to realize any sort of profit. These options, whether in writing or orally, have added to the distress that players, fans, and managers have had to face over the year.

So, what has been taking place behind the scenes?

Well, for starters, big things are happening behind closed doors, considerably bigger than what is happening on the grounds. Top-notch teams like Pittsburg Steelers have taken on free agents like Eric Ebron. Free agents are players with no current contract to any team, kind of like a freelancer. Eric joins Pittsburg on a $12 million contract. His presence boosts the team’s tight-end, with Vance present but not yet posing much of a threat as a receiving wide-end. The Baltimore Ravens, renowned as one of the best NFL teams ever, are also perceived as having the best ground attacking squad in NFL history. For this year’s draft selection, they seem to have made a wise choice with J.K. Dobbins. He leaves Ohio State to join Ravens at a time when every team is in dire need of some new talent. This new talent is being acquired, not surprisingly, in the form of much younger players like J.K. Dobbins. The twenty-one-year-old was listed as the second-best nationally, in terms of ‘rushing yardage’ off the bat.

FILE – In this Oct. 8, 2017, file photo, Philadelphia Eagles’ Chris Long (56), Malcolm Jenkins (27) and Rodney McLeod (23) gesture during the National Anthem before an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, in Philadelphia. Baltimore’s Ben Watson and Philadelphia’s Malcolm Jenkins have strong views toward anthem protests and those who oppose them, based on their religious beliefs. But even pastors can’t agree on the controversial topic that has enveloped the NFL this season. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Other teams like Philadelphia Eagles have taken ample time to source agile athletes for their teams. Again, with multiple well-talented and free-agent picks to choose from, the Eagles have not wavered. Their picks for the upcoming seasons subscribe to the youth-oriented theme currently in place.  In a league where quarterbacks make or break a team, being the strongest link makes for very intense and scrutinizing recruiting decisions.  Quarterback picks are selected with speed and strength in mind. This is what the Eagles management had in mind when they chose another exceptionally talented young player, Jalen Hurts, as their incoming QB. For pundits and fans alike, the move may have seemed somewhat rushed, but, it seems he will be part of the team’s elite lineup. With Reagor and Desean Jackson in play, one can only imagine the explosive nature that the Eagles will now bring to the game.

With plenty of talent already in play, the Los Angeles Chargers probably made out with the best off-season pick this year.  Quarterbacks are tantamount to a team’s success. They have to make swift moves away from the defense while bursting out at full speed for touchdowns. On the other hand, extra weight, some undeniable talent, and an unwavering defense squad are of paramount importance as well. With their selection of Brian Bulaga as a right tackle, the Chargers now have some serious reinforcements for their right back. Trai Turner and Bulaga will give their team that optimal right side that is undoubtedly the strongest that the NFL has at the moment.

The list would not be complete without mentioning the Miami Dolphins. Anyone with the slightest inkling for some NFL action should know the overhaul requirements of this team. During their 2019 season, the Miami Dolphins did not have the best of games. The team seems to be struggling to say the least, and maybe a total overhaul might be what they need, one player at a time. The team has thus set off to recreate its offensive and defensive set up. Van Noy enters the team at a time when his dynamism will play an important role for the struggling squad. Quoted as saying he can play ‘off the ball, on the ball’ and even ‘drop coverage’, Noy seems set to be a welcomed addition to the team. Although the management spent more to acquire Byron Jones, they have a great foundation with Van Noy.

Other NFL teams have taken to reviewing their player composition as well. In light of the pandemic, some players have had to get tested to keep in line with the regulations. That being said, what the NFL has in store for 2020/2021 will be nothing short of entertaining, the pandemic notwithstanding.

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