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Legendary NFL Players of All Times

There are so many legendary players in the NFL, but the men pictured above could be on this list in years to come. Do you agree? (Photo Credit: Pro Football Network)

If we look back at the past century of football, we would know that the NFL has given us some extraordinary talents across all positions. So, we have prepared a list of top 10 legendary NFL players of all time. In this list, you will find a few names who had injuries or took early retirements, but if they were good, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be on this list. Let’s get started and take a look at these players one by one. 

Jerry Rice

He is a ten-time all-pro and has led the team to win three Super Bowls. Rice leads just about anything that you could ask for, given his extensive receiver stats. It is not for nothing that Jerry is believed to be the GOAT of America’s football scene. Stephen, an educator with TAE and a huge football fanatic, says that he is a massive fan of football only because of Jerry. Rice went for 13 Pro Bowls and was also lauded with the Offensive Player of the Year two times. 

Tom Brady

If you ask a football expert about the best quarterback of all times, the obvious answer would be Tom Brady. He is the player with six Super Bowl rings. We are confident that a lot more is on his way. Brady has more than 60,000 passing yards. It is no surprise that he is closing in on five hundred passing touchdowns. Tom is also one of the best late-round picks in the history of the NFL. 

Barry Sanders

Unfortunately, Barry Sanders retired quite early on in his career, but if that had not happened, he would have indeed climbed even higher on the leadership charts. Sanders has finished with more than 15,000 rushing yards. He has also had 99 touchdowns and finished with the prestigious Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy. He has also been lauded with the Offensive Player two times. 

Jim Brown

Brown has participated in only nine seasons of the NFL, a standard for running back in the present time. However, back in the day, during the late fifties or early sixties, Brown was unstoppable. Jim finished with more than 12,000 rushing yards. He has also had 106 rushing touchdowns, and he has rushed for 5.2 yards per carry. 

Emmitt Smith

To date, nobody is even close to smashing the yardage records created by Emmitt Smith. Not just that, Smith also ranks at the top in the rushing touchdowns. It seems tough to see his records going down anytime soon. Smith, indeed has churned out a non-shattering football career. He had three Super Bowl wins, but the one in 1995 was indeed iconic with 25 touchdowns.  

Walter Payton

People regarded Walter as a workhorse, well he earned this reputation with his decorated career nearing the 300 rush attempt mark. At present, Walter stands at number four in rushing touchdowns. As for the rushing yards, he stands in second place. He has been a part of the nine Pro Balls and was the obvious Hall of Famer. 

Peyton Manning

In his career, Peyton has had 70,000 passing yards and more than 500 passing touchdowns. Though a few better teams obstructed his playoff potential, his play while on the field makes him a deserving entrant in our list of the Top 10 Legendary NFL players of all time. It would take him a Super Bowl or two, and he would only go higher on the list. 

Joe Montana

He has more than 40,000 passing yards, and four Super Bowl wins to his name. Joe went from 117-47 during his time and was always undefeated in those Super Bowls. In 1989, Montana became the player of the year. 

Lawrence Taylor

Robert, a course manager with TrumpLearning, says that his favorite defensive player is Lawrence Taylor. He has had two Super Bowls to his name and is also a league MVP award, and has also been lauded with three Defensive Player of the Year awards. Taylor was indeed the opponent’s worst nightmare as a quarterback.

Randy Moss

He was the most dominant player in the history of the NFL on the offensive side. Moss has more than 150 touchdowns and over 15,000 yards. 

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