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Why is Trevor Lawrence considered the top Draft Prospect in 2021?

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence maybe the best quarterback prospect in the past decade. He has everything you want and whoever lands the first pick should jump on him.

There is a lot more to Trevor Lawrence than his long blonde hair and Christian views, the Clemson gunslinger is quite the prospect. As you know, we usually like to break down small school football players but this year we want to divulge into some of the top FBS prospects as well. Every college football fan has watched Trevor Lawrence play at least one game, but what you notice in film from this kid is his resilience. You can see his competitive nature, so let’s look at what makes him the top prospect.

We all know that NFL teams value Franchise Quarterbacks. Even if they are not the best overall prospect in the NFL Draft, without a Franchise QB it is hard to win. Quarterbacks and their decision making ultimately help a team win the big game or lose horrible. The one thing that helps players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes is their ability to shake off a lead. The ability to overcome horrible play. They could have started off slow, but they find a way to make something happen. That is key when breaking down a quarterback. You want to see if they can comeback when facing a deficit.


The Ohio State Buckeyes were up 16-0 that probably could have been closer to 27-0, but the Clemson team as a whole stepped up. You would have thought that Clemson was down and out, but Lawrence somehow threw for two touchdowns in the game, but it was not his throws that brought the Tigers back. It was a 67 yard run where he was pulling away from Ohio State defenders that really changed the momentum of the game. Clemson would rally on to beat the Buckeyes 29-23, to advance to the Fiesta Bowl. That game really defined character. Another huge scouting feature.


You want a quarterback that can lead on and off the field. When you look at a quarterback you have to look into his past. Is he a good kid, any stupid arrests? How are his grades? Does the kid have any beliefs that may turn a locker room upside down? These are things you want to look at, and to be honest the Clemson quarterback is much like Carson Wentz. Trevor Lawrence a native of Cartersville, Georgia attends the Tabernacle Baptist Church, which is about 100 miles from the University of Georgia. Most of their members were Georgia fans, but they root for a new team now. That is right, they now cheer on Clemson. Why is that? Their church member Trevor Lawrence is the quarterback. Every scout that has talked to Trevor Lawrence tells me he is a mature kid with his head on his shoulders. Much like Peyton Manning. That is a great comparison. Lawrence is a God Fearing Man, and that fires me up as a devout Christian. I think his love for God is going to set him up for greatness. He will win a lot, and that is our next attribute.


Well we all know this answer. Lawrence went 15-0 his Freshman year, and up until LSU last year Lawrence had not lost a game since high school. He was on a 26 game winning streak before losing his first game in college. I do not think winning is a problem, but can he handle the hype?

Can he live up to the HYPE?

Sometimes, when you are the top dog, media and too much press can be a bad thing. How do you handle the stress of being in the top spot. Well, the good thing is Lawrence is used to this. He was actually the number 1 player in the nation by 247Sports and Rivals and No. 2 player by ESPN when coming out of high school. How did he handle himself? Lawrence was a class act, and even recruiting coordinators said that Trevor handled himself professionally and was humble. The good thing is he is productive.

Just how productive is Trevor Lawrence?

Enters 2020 having completed 527-of-804 career passes for 6,945 yards with 66 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 1,610 snaps in 30 career games (26 starts). Lawrence also has 967 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns. As we said before he is the only player in major college football to lead his team to a 15-0 record as a true freshman. He is also the first True Freshman to win a National Championship since 1985. He is a talented kid!

So where should Lawrence be drafted?

With all the hype around Trevor Lawrence I think it is safe to say the 6060, 220 pounder meets every category. He has the arm strength to distribute the ball around the field. He is probably more athletic that any of us imagined, and he is a great decision maker. Add in the fact that his character is top notch, and his production is superb this kid should be the top pick. I know there is another year left before the NFL Draft, but whoever lands the first pick would be crazy not to take Lawrence. I think overall he is the best player in the country, at his position. I am not sure there has been a better player at the quarterback position in the past 10 years.


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