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Quinton Dunbar’s attorney is now beefing with Deandre Baker’s attorneys, This is getting ugly

Deandre Baker Quinton Dunbar mugshot
Seahawks defensive back Quinton Dunbar’s attorney is saying that DeAndre Baker was reportedly at the gambling site the day before when he reportedly lost 70k.

An attorney is supposed to work to clear their client, and Quinton Dunbar’s attorney Michael Grieco is doing his best to prove his client did not lose any money at a party the night before to help prove this armed robbery was bogus, but he had to throw Deandre Baker under the bus a bit to do so.

Grieco is claiming that defensive back Quinton Dunbar claims to have evidence that Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker was at a party last week where he allegedly lost $70,000 dollars, in a couple tweets, but Dunbar was not at the party.

This case is getting ugly

Baker’s attorney Patrick Patel quickly responded to the tweets, telling the New York Post that “Baker is going to immediately file a lawsuit against Grieco for libel and slander, making everybody believe that Baker is in that picture, because his name is in the text,’

We recently wrote a piece talking about how the whole case seemed fishy, but this finger pointing is starting to look like someone is guilty of the crime.

“The text is complete bullsh-t,” Patel said, via the Post. “Read the text. You can say anybody is that person. Wasn’t it everybody’s bullsh-t at the beginning that my client Baker lost $70,000? Now go read the text. The text is saying Baker won $10,000. So what are we doing?”

“DeAndre has no knowledge of anybody in those texts, who sent it, to who,’’ Patel said. “Let the guy come forward. I cannot wait to get Grieco on the stand and cross examine him on how he got that text, who he got the text from.”

I am not sure Patel read that text, I think he is trying to say that people will assume that is his client in the photo. That is clearly not Deandre Baker. You can tell by the tattoos. The organizer of the party is saying he beat out Dolphins and Dre Baker. He reportedly won 70k dollars. He is just trying to clear his clients name, but it sounds as if he is throwing Baker under the bus.

I know the attorney’s are supposed to work for their clients, but this back and forth makes you wonder what the intentions are from Dunbar’s attorney. It makes it sound like he is willing to do whatever to clear his client’s name.


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